Sunday, March 11, 2007

Day O' Fun

I already told you all that I spent part of my day of Friday with Carter, but I figure you have to see the pictures to truly know how much fun we had!
We started off our day with some delicious Chick-fil-a breakfast. So, in all honestly Carter had most likely had breakfast seeing as how it was 10:30 in the morning, but I was STARVING...and he seemed pretty pumped about it, so I think it was okay.
After breakfast Carter decided to tell me all about his feelings on life in general.
He found the flash fascinating....
We decided it was time for some serious playing, so we bounced around until Carter covered my house in drool, then we practiced our ABC's...he thought they were very funny...or maybe that was my singing voice...

After playing for a bit we both decided we could use a little R&R. A couple of episodes of Backyardagains and we were in business...We did try Grey's Anatomy, but we were both annoyed to see it was a repeat so be went back to Nickelodeon...I do think Carter likes my couch....

Just not as much as he likes my bed. There should be a big indention right next to him where I also napped for about three hours. Like I said in my last was a pretty perfect day off work!


  1. Great pictures - but I have some red X's. I told you blogger eats them!!!

  2. really strange! They are all back now, but that is really annoying!