Thursday, March 1, 2007

My Ear

Don't you hate when you do something stupid? I mean, the smallest little task that you do every day all of a sudden just goes wrong. I am the queen of this. Usually my moment of stupidity is right as Nick is looking at me. Ahh, he must be proud that he married me.

A good example of my problem is viewed during meals. I obviously eat several times a day (most likely 1-2 times too many). I am 27 years old and I really should have this down by now. Nope. Inevitably I will drop food in my lap, bite my cheek, dribble soup down my chin (this is a favorite). Just stupid.

Another example is the problem I have with walking. I trip over nothing at all! I trip over my own feet. Tiniest little pebble...I will be sure to find it. I fall down stairs, up stairs-whatever. Really hard to look cool when you can't walk and talk at the same time. Nick now holds my hand with a vice grip to catch me when the inevitable fall comes. Then he just shakes his head...the shame.

This morning (here is the point to the post, I know you all were looking for it!) I clamped my ear in my straightener. As far as I can tell, my ear has been in the exact same place as long as I have been straightening my hair...maybe even longer. I am usually so careful about this because I have a great fear of anything that hot near my face. I guess I just put my guard down for a second and my own foolishness won again! For the record I have a small blister on the back of my ear (Charing and I discussed it and that is about the best place to burn yourself!) and it is red on the front. Better than a curling iron burn on the forehead, but still very, very unfortuante.


  1. Yeah. Sigh. We all have those moments. Don't feel alone.

  2. You are not alone. I have done this before. In fact, I haven't used my straightener since-it was MONTHS ago.

    But's a secret. ;)