Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mary Poppins

You all remember Mary Poppins, right? You know how she had that magic carpet bag that she could pull anything out of...the most ridiculous items just appeared as if from nowhere, with no real effort at all...that was me and Tarp at the audit yesterday. It. Was. Awesome. What’s that...you need a log of every step I took in the lab over the year...*magical noise* ta-da!! Oh, you also want a log that shows that we are perfect in every way and basically we are the best...oh you silly auditor of COURSE I have that for you too!!!

I had a second movie power (I know, I know...get a life). You know in Star Wars when Obi Wan tells the storm troopers *small wave of hand* "These aren't the droids you are looking for" and then the storm trooper turns to his storm trooper buddy and says "these aren't the droids we are looking for...they may proceed". Yep, that was me as well. All those little things that we were so ready to apologize for, to explain how that the takeover had been hard and we had just lost track for a few things, he didn't even ask to see!!!! This is so unheard of! It's was like we were right there heading in the direction, then he just forgot....like I willed it to happen with the power of my mind. When he did ask to see something that was not perfect, as if by magic he looked, (I hang my head ready for the blow) and he says "Great work!"...excuse me?!?! Really!! Let me tell you, if he thinks this was great work, I will blow his socks off next year!

At one point the GM walked in and the auditor raving to her about how lucky she was to have the two of us, and that we are basically the best ever and he just can't find a single thing wrong! Ahhhh hahahahaha!! Talk about the best plug ever from the guy in charge of the entire state program!

Maybe it helped that we took him out to lunch, and then I talked him into splitting a desert. Not normal audit activity I assume, but what I can say, I am a people person! By the end of it, I think he wanted to work there with us. I went over to Tarp and Jim's after work to celebrate our amazing success with champagne and snacks. The perfect end to a perfect audit! This is just about as good as work life gets!


  1. You are so TOTALLY fabulous. I love the writing and the movie references. Only one thing. Are you sure that wasn't my laugh you were quoting? The Ahhh ha ha ha ha? 'Cause that sounds just like the laugh my family mocks me for.

  2. How great! We all know you're perfect so I'm glad your work has it down on record as well! :)