Saturday, February 3, 2007

Back on eBay

I recently cleaned out my closet. This is something I do a few times a year (mainly because Boo makes me...I would be such a pack rat without her!) Anyway, I have had a large pile of my old clothes sitting around for a little while, so Boo and I spent the day getting things listed on eBay.

The two of us have a hot and cold relationship with eBay. Whenever we need money, or have too much junk lying around (right now both reasons are true) we will talk ourselves into listing stuff...then we get completely addicted. EBay is so wonderful!! I love looking for things, buying things, getting wonderful little packages in the mail! Plus, of course I love when other people buy my old crap and send me amazing amounts of money! We have made enough to send us on several vacations! Who pays $30 for my old run down jeans that I am so tired of?? Wait, look at that great pair of basically new jeans that I am just dying to have!! BID BID BID!!

I am basically the reason eBay works as well as it does (they should really thank me). I make money on it, providing things that others want, but more important than that, I buy things with the money I make there. Economy at its best! Alright, gotta get back to listing!

1 comment:

  1. You are a good girl for cleaning out your closets and listing stuff on ebay. I am a lazy pack rat with mountains of stuff to list. I MUST get back to ebay. I hear it calling my name!