Monday, February 12, 2007

34 Hours In

That's right everybody. From Friday to yesterday I logged in 34 hours at work. I feel like I missed my life. I guess I really did. I missed SIS day, I entire weekend on laying on the couch with Nick watching TV! Just GONE!! Will I ever be the same???

Anyways, this (yet again) very quick post is not about work (I hear the cheers from the crowd). It is about the upcoming holiday. Nick and I are not a huge Valentine’s Day couple. We do a little something, order dinner in from someplace nice (the wait is never worth it), watch a movie, basically have a nice evening in. So I have him a little something (not telling you what in case he ever gets a crazy hair and reads up on the ramblings of his wife) but the problem is, I also have to make something. Something I have been trying to make for, oh let’s say five years. I am so determined to do it this time! No more excuses, no more "just ran out of time"....but here is the big problem....I AM RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!!! Damn. I thought I was better about this sort of thing by now.

I know you all are saying 1. What is she even talking about, and 2. You have a good excuse...the 34 hours of work!! But see, I always have a good excuse. Not this time!! I will do it. I will. I will. I will. I will. I will let you know tomorrow if I get started. Now, back to work!


  1. Baby, we mised you on SIS day. It's never the same when one of my little chicks is missing.


  2. I know what you have to make and I can help if you need some. :) Chris and I aren't big V-day people either (oooohhh the hype, expectations, money, long wait for good food, general hoop-la...whatever, we have our anniversary to celebrate our luv!) but I have to make him a strawberry cake this year cuz ya know I've been saying I would FOREVER (but my forever is only a mere second compared to your forever!). Point of this comment...not sure! Here if you need me! :)