Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Hole

I am so annoyed. I looked down at work today right after I walked out of another interview (with this person who apparently thought it was okay to roll her eyes....ummm...HELLO!! Do you want a job, why in the hell are you rolling your eyes? For the record, Tarp said maybe she was looking up and thinking about her answers, but it looked a lot like a roll to me!) and I noticed that my jeans have a hole in them!!

First off, the hole is on the side that the girl we were interviewing could totally see (maybe that is why there was the eye roll....hmmm). This is just embarrassing. It looks like my clothes are falling apart.

Second, it is at the seam, so it totally looks like I am busting out of my jeans because my thighs are too big. This is depressing. Nobody wants to bust a seam out of their jeans!!! And the jeans are not tight at all. I do own some jeans that I feel make me look skinny (is that only because of the size on the tag...maybe) but they are tight. If I busted a seam in those, I would hang my head in shame, but accept the truth. This is not the case here.

Third, the jeans are brand new. This really kills me. I mean, I go to all the trouble to order a perfect pair of jeans and they are just falling apart on me! Literally ON ME!!

Fourth (I bet you all are amazed I have four points about my jeans) I can't find my sewing kit. I know I have one because Nick always begs me to sew on his buttons and what not, so Boo (of course) bought me one so I could get the job done...but it is nowhere to be found. And I need to get back to work...but obviously not in my holey jeans. When I showed Tarp he was actually like "WOW! THE SEAM IS TOTALLY BUSTED!"...shame.


  1. Wow, I can't believe you could write a whole blog post about a hole in your jeans. And it's funny too. You are my idol.

  2. thanks so much!! You totally made my morning. I love that we have blogging in the family. You all motivate me daily. I love it!!

  3. You know, that seem thing happened to me, too. I was very depressed about it, based on the size on the tag, but then I had my much smaller friend try on the same jeans, and she could barely get them on either. So now I rest assured in the knowledge that they were mistagged!