Thursday, February 1, 2007

For the Love of Harry Potter

Oh my, am I excited. Not just a little excited, no no, this is full blown crazy excited. You see, I have a slight addiction. I have no shame in it because I am not alone. I am crazy in love with Harry Potter. Actually, not Harry himself, but rather the entire book series. I have read them all over and over. I collect not only the American versions, but also the British versions...just so I can look at them and be amazed.

I will be happy to debate for hours on even the smallest of story lines; do I think Harry and Ginny will end up together? Oh course! Do I think Harry will die? No way would my dear friend JK ever do that to me. (And I can call her that due to our closeness... She wanted to tell me the end of book seven but I said, "No, no JK, it isn't fair for me to know before the rest of the world" so sadly, I wait) Will Sirius Black return? All my prayers would be answered, but I don't think so. Is Snape really bad? Yes. If you have any questions on my opinion, just let me know.

Anyways, good old JK has basically made my year. Why you ask? Because she has finally finished the last book in the series!! I will be so sad to see it go, but I am giddy with excitement over finally reading how it all ends. July 21st cannot get here fast enough for me! (For the record I really thought it would happen on July 7th, I mean 07-07-07 for the seventh book! What would be better than that? I guess JK forgot to run her release date by me...her mistake)

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  1. Harry, oh Harry! How I love the story, the characters, everything!! Although our love is the same, I must disagree with your predictions! Do I think Snape is! He is fighting for the good guys! Do I think Sirius is coming back...yes!! Somehow, some way, he's not dead! I guess we'll have to wait and see but I want my predictions documented! :)