Monday, February 19, 2007

Quick Updates and Random Thoughts

First off, let me tell you that I am so excited. Tarp is back today!!! YEA!!!!! I know he is really dreading getting back to the crazy life that is our work, but I am thinking I just might burst into tears as soon as he walks in the door! Seriously.

As of yesterday I have clocked in 86 hours since he left. I was going to take off today for President’s Day (one of my works holidays...AMAZING!) but I have to be there to help get the audit packet into the mail. I am off Friday for sure, so maybe I will take Thursday as well...hmmm..

A wonderful thing happened last night. I got an A- on Big Brain Academy! Now, to lots of the world this might not seem HUGE, but trust me, it is impressive! Boo, Missy, Aunt Carole and Aunt Cheryl all know that this is a near miracle! It basically made my entire weekend.

I am back into UK basketball. I usually start watching about this time of year, but man this time it is a little depressing. Anybody else watching? We have dropped three in a row....the three that I watched. I am starting to think I am back luck for the team!

Charing comes home today. So excited. Clearly I am needing my best friend back to tell her all of my random thoughts so that you all do not get hodge-podge posts that clearly have no rhyme or reason to them. Maybe my mind will be more together tomorrow! (I really like the way I didn't even attempt a transition between topics. Just jumped right into a new one...that is some literary talent!)


  1. WOW!! I'm sooo impressed! I'm sooo jealous!

  2. It is this video game for the Nintendo DS. It is basically like an IQ test. Very hard, VERY addictive!!

  3. Cheryl is seriously impressed! Her best score to date is a C- and she's no dummy. I tried it and quickly gave up. Not my cup of tea, however, she really loves it!