Thursday, February 15, 2007

Family Night

I love my family. In my opinion, we are basically the best family ever. Okay, so I would say lots of people think that, but for us, it just might be true. I am sure over the life of the Bio Girl blog you will hear me talk about my family a lot. For now, I will tell you of Family Night.

Back when my older sister was in high school my parents had this idea. They wanted to make sure that as we all grew up, our family made time for each other. A specific time to slow down and enjoy each other’s company. My parents were smart enough to know if they took us out to do something fun every week, we would all make the time. So they invented Family Night. Each week we would all go out to dinner and a movie.

And we did....and still do. Now at the age of twenty seven (wow...27 looks old when I see it written out...) we still go out each week for our beloved Family Night. The classic night of dinner and a movie is not required. Sometimes, we just do dinner, sometimes we meet up at someone’s house and just hang out, but we are always together at least one night a week.

Anybody can come. M& D never minded extras. During school years there were commonly large crowds. People who wished their families did cool things like that. My sisters and I would just smile. We knew we were lucky. These days it is usually just the family. We now have a couple of husbands that show up along with the original five. We laugh and talk, catch up on each other’s lives. It is the best tradition my parents could have ever started. It makes sure we make time. It is perfect!

So last night for Family Night we went to Moe's (did you know they had a Moo...a child size version of their gigantic burritos?? well the do! And they are perfect!) Then it was off to see "Lyrics and Music". Mom loved it, but the rest of us thought it was just okay (except Nick...Nick was NOT A FAN). Most things are given away in the previews, and all in all it felt like they were just trying too hard.

Sometimes the movies are blah, sometimes they are great (Dad will never forget when he took us kicking and screaming to see "Remember the Titans") but what is most important is that we are doing it together.


  1. I agree that you do have a wonderful family. Each and every member is a special person in their own right. I'm so glad that I am occasionally included in your Family Night. It is always a wonderful experience.


  2. Hands down, it's the best invention ever! Thanks Mom & Dad!! :)