Sunday, February 18, 2007

Grey's Anatomy

I have a new addiction (actually I have three...). The one I am talking about today is good old Grey's Anatomy (the other two are House and Bones...oh yea, and American Idol...I am sure I will also talk about them soon, so watch out!) Let me also quickly explain that I am becoming a slight TV addict. We recently got DVR, and it has changed my life. I was never much of a TV watcher due to the fact that I could never remember to watch or tape shows. I had a couple of shows that I was a diehard fan of (Survivor used to fall into the category, and The Office is the newest obsession) where I would always watch, but these shows were rare. Now that I have DVR, any show that someone tells me is a must see, I just add it to my list. I can't believe what I have been missing! Now I just need to find time to watch them all!

So, to Greys Anatomy. I had five episodes backed up on my DVR. The other night nick went out to play cards and I settled in for a long catch up of my new show. Just as a side note, some of these were from Lifetime, who has started the show over from the beginning and is showing it on Sunday night. GENIUS!!!!!!

Wow...getting to the point...I have not been watching the show that long, but I am assuming it is called GREY's Anatomy due to the main character being Meredith. Is this right? I mean, do they really think they could (or we believe they would) kill her?!?! I am just saying, she had been down a really long time...and who knows how long she was in the water...and man, she looked really REALLY dead. From the small medical background that I have (yes I am counting working at the OB/GYN and the entire clerk at the hospital my bio degree) she would totally have brain damage. I mean, they said she had been down 20 minutes!!!!

Also, I thought Izzy's little monologue about how Denny is always with her and she believes in the good was not well placed in the show...seemed like too much...AND, I don't think Kallie and George are that bad, why is it the mistake of his life?? And Dr. Shepherd made me cry...just a little...especially when his old best friend came and put his arm on him...

Yes, I am watching too much TV. Yes, I take TV too seriously (ask my mom or sisters about the General Hospital obsession of my youth). Yes you should come and take my DVR away in the night when I am asleep...but never let me know it was you, or I just might kill you.


  1. Yes, Meredith was down a long time, HOWEVER, I feel confident they will fall back on the icy water theory in order to save her with full brain function. There have been real life cases of children in the bottom of icy, freezing swimming pools for 20-30 minutes and they have been able to bring them back and they are normal. It's a miracle, but something about the freezing water thing preserves your innards. We shall see what they do, but that's my bet. They cannot possibly kill off Meredith. She's one of the MAIN characters. Although, I must admit it freaked me out when she was talking to Denny who is clearly dead and gone. Oh well. Good writers. They have us talking and wondering. We also LOVE Gray's Anatomy. Can you tell??


    P.S. We don't think Callie and George are that bad either. He's a lot stronger than people give him credit for. People are mistakenly assuming that Callie wears the pants in that family, but those quiet ones will get you everytime. It's a good match. Wait and see.

  2. Yes, the cold water will slow down the dying thing. I didn't think of that. Plus, at the beginning of the show she was in the tub talking about medical miracles...I guess that is what they will say.

    The Denny thing freaked me out too! Who in the heck was the other guy that was there? He looked really familiar, but I couldn't place him. Is he from the show?

  3. Oo, oo, I know who he other guy is! I thought the exaxt same thing when I saw him,especially because now he's the coach on Friday Night Lights (yeah, I'm have the DVR addiction problem as well!) And I was like..."What's Coach doing on Gray's Anatomy!?" buuuut then I caught the end of the episode where the guy had the bomb inside of him and Meredith had her hand on the bomb and that's what was keeping it from blowing the hospital...remember that one?...Weeell, THAT guy (Coach) was the bomb squad guy that took Meredith's place in the OR and he got blown up! WOW! I never would have known but I just happen to catch the end of the rerun!

    I also love the you can see! I don't see how Meredith could die! Shepherd was pitiful! I thought Izzy's speech was okay and I don't think George realy loves Callie so that's why it's a mistake not because there is anything wrong with Callie.

  4. The Coach!!! That's right! I don't watch that show, but I knew I had seem him before. I have the bomb episodes also on my DVR, but I haven't watched them yet...they are two of the very few episodes I saw before the DVR came into my life. I will be rewatching them though!

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jennifer for DVR!!! You are the one who turned us on to that and we LOVE it. We are also seriously addicted to several shows and have just recently turned into Grey's Anatomy addicts as well. I'm sure we are watching WAY too much tv, but we do enjoy it. Now if we could just figure out a way to get rid of the commercials completely. It's a pain to have to fast forward through them. But it's AGONY to watch a regular show now because of them. They are on roughly every 10 minutes or less and they are so loud!! It's awful.
    The whole cold water drowning thing will be what saves her - but come one! Do we really think he could find her in that harbor after she had been down for 20 minutes??? He didn't even know exactly where she fell in!! But I'm glad he did find her, of course.