Sunday, February 4, 2007


So last night Nick and I spent the evening in. I was not feeling well due to my stupid endometriosis and so once Boo and I were done with eBay, we ordered some pizza and settled in for the X-Files movie. Let me tell you how exciting this was for us. We are extremely addicted to the show the X-Files (what’s that you say, that show is super old, we are big dorks?? Shut up.) We have been watching them on DVD from Netflix for months and months. We finally made it up to the point of the movie, so you was a BIG NIGHT!

Once the movie was over Nick and I broke out some puzzles (wow...I am even a little embarrassed of myself right Saturday night filled with X-Files and least we found each other, right??) Now, let me tell you, these were really cool puzzles! My Aunt, over on the LEFT COAST sent these 3D puzzles to Nick for Christmas and they were really different, is a picture!! (That’s right, I bet you thought I was never putting pics on this blog, but here they are!!)

Okay, so I put Ellie in the picture as well, because Ellie makes all pictures better, but the apple and the pyramid are the puzzles! Pretty cool, hua?

Today is the Super Bowl, and anybody who knows me knows I am a HUGE NFL fan. I am really pumped. Here's hoping it is a great game. We are watching it over at Charing and Scotts, so it will most definitely be a good time! Here is one more picture of me and Nick on our Honeymoon...just for fun!

Enjoy the game!!

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  1. Glad you pointed out the puzzles cause I was all, "what the? where's the puzzles she must have got pics mixed up..."

    Those are the coolest puzzles I have ever seen!!