Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Do you all watch the show Heroes? Well, let me tell you, we LOVE it!! Actually I love it, and Nick thinks it is just okay, but whatever. I think it is the best! (along with Futurama, X-files, Greys Anatomy, Scrubs...never mind) So here's the thing...I am just confused with where the show is going. I mean, I obviously don't think Peter is going to blow up...so what, like at the end of the season are they going to become some huge crime fitting team? Are they going to become like X-men and be outcasts?? I just want you other Heroes watchers opinions on what you think is going to happen. Is Clair's dad bad news? Can you believe her real father is the politician!!! Do you think Peter is too big of a baby? Let me know what you think about the show...and if you don't watch it, then you should really start!

***please excuse the lateness and short nature of this post. I had lunch with Charing, and am having Boo, Chris and Missy over for dinner, so there is little time for blogging!***


  1. We love Heroes, too. Both of us, which is nice so you can discuss it together or make excited exclamations when something happens and the other can appreciate it. Like the politician being her father. Isn't he kind of young? Like, in his 30's? So I guess he had he when he was a teenager. Interesting. No, I don't think Peter is going to blow up. Maybe he will transform somehow? One of the good things about the show is that you can't tell what is going to happen. It's nice to watch something not predictable these days. Didn't you get annoyed when Peter saw the girl he likes and the artist together and jumped to conclusions? They always do that! Couldn't he see they were just hugging in a friendly way and not passionately kissing? Of course, then that would ruin that story line! Looking forward to Lost tonight, although we will have to DVR it, since 10:00 is too late for us. Did you hear next season is the last one for them, so they are going to start wrapping things up?

  2. Thank God they are canceling Lost-that show has been totally dying. Hopefully they will wrap things up nicely and not leave it open for all of you viewers.

    We LOVE Heroes. Both of us thankfully too.
    I think they may end up with a cliffhanger for the Summer with Peter starting to blow up-but obviously they won't kill him and everyone else. Or the show would end.

    Are you guys watching Dirt?? It is very good. Courtney Cox is a great Bit$h. Who knew??

  3. Boo and Missy love dirt! I haven't started watching it yet, but want to add it to my dvr. We are not fans of Lost. It lost me a long time ago. I totally agree about peter seeming really young to have a daughter in high school...hadn't thought of it, but now that you mention it, it does seem strange.

  4. Yes, we love "Heroes", Yes, we love "Dirt" and Yes, "Lost" lost us a long time ago. Too crazy and unbelievable. I like my fantasy/sci-fi to have some small element of believability or it isn't for me. Now, I totally believe that we might all start discovering heretofore unknown super powers. Question? What power would I like to have? Hmmmmmm........

  5. Oh i dont think I would mind having the kids power who can get money out of an ATM! that would be nice! So would stopping time...yes...then I could take naps and never miss anything!

  6. We are soooo alike because we love "Heros" and "Dirt" around here too! We stopped watching "Lost" but now that they are going to wrap it up I'm interested again. I think Peter isn't going to die because when Huron came from the future he spoke of Peter in present tense so he must live...but maybe this is how Peter gets the scare Huron mentioned? Peter is a bit of a baby, he has some maturing to do buuuut I might freak out too if I had all these crazy powers I couldn't control. I think I want Peter's powers, especially if he can learn to control them because then he'll have all the powers ready at his command! Too cool!!