Monday, February 5, 2007


I feel really, really terrible. I really hate the fact that I have Endometriosis (would anybody ever like this fact...most likely not) I know I mentioned that I felt bad in the last post, but I feel about 100 times worse today. It most likely is because I am up and working, having to do things, and it makes me more aware of how terrible I feel. My body is screaming at me to stop and lay down, but I just can't miss work for this.

There is a certain level of pain and nausea that I am just used to living with. I try not to complain about it much, or even think about it. It is just part of my life. When it really gets terrible is when I am on my period. Then, I am so sick that at any moment I could burst into tears. It is truly impossible for me to describe. Trust me, it's bad. So, that is how I feel today. There is nothing the doctors can do. They say that this is just life with stage 3-4 endo, but it sucks. Just thought you all would like to know what is up. Blah.

***hopefully I will be better tomorrow and have a nice fun post...I am going to lay down for the rest of my lunch.***


  1. Honey, I'm sooo sorry.I know that you must feel really bad to make a "BLAH" post.


  2. :( So sorry! Wish I could make it better!

  3. I know you are just as smart as I am (smarter), so surely you have researched the pain issue? I remember how I suffered with menstrual cramps and they could only recommend exercise (yeah, that's gonna help). I suffered until college when one of my sorority sisters gave me some prescription medicine that took care of them instantly. My point is - maybe there is more help than your doctors are telling you. Try and Maybe you can find something you haven't though of. Good luck, honey.