Friday, March 9, 2007


So here I am, off work and having a really perfect day. First off, have you all been outside? BEAUTIFUL! I am sure it will get cold again before it is all over, but today makes me feel like spring has sprung and there is no going back!

I actually have Carter (my best friends 17 month old boy who is basically perfect in every way) sitting on my lap laughing hysterically as he punches keys and I back up over them....quite the prankster! We have had a really great day full of food and cartoons and a nice long nap for the both of us! I am about to take him home and thought I would toss a quick post up before we ran out the door. I have taken some pic's of him, so I will get them up tomorrow or so (just so you all can see how cute he is!).

I am feeling basically fine today in regards to the endometriosis. This is so exciting. I do need my pain medication, but it is enough to keep me up and moving. It is a nice change. I went into work this morning to get some stuff done before I picked up the baby (how long can I keep calling him that? He is turning into such a little boy...does time really move that fast?) I am now free for the rest of the weekend. Okay, Carter is now down and plucking on Nick's guitar...time to get off the computer!

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