Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eleven Months

Dear Henry,

My sweet baby, you are growing up so fast. You are wanting more and more independence to explore your surroundings. You crawl absolutely everywhere, and will walk anyplace you can hold on to something. You are completely fearless, letting go and lunging to grab on to a new object with no worries of the consequences. If you fall, you are quick to get up and try again. My heart may stop every time you hit the ground, but you don't miss a beat. You are our little explorer, and you are loving every second of it.
Now that you are on the move, you are becoming more and more in love with Ellie and Sammie. You are so sweet with them, wanting to reach out and touch them both. Ellie loves to follow you around when you crawl or practice walking. I am sure it has something to do with the fact that you love to feed her every chance you get! It is clear already that you were born an animal lover, and we love that about you!
This past month you have started sleeping in the bed with me and your Papa a lot more. You usually go to bed in your own room, but wake up at some point in the night and join us in the bed. I know it is a habit we should break, but we just love it so. You are so sweet to watch sleep. So peaceful. And in the mornings when you wake up, oh there is nothing sweeter in the world. We love those stolen moments with while we all sleep together as a family.Oh Henry, I cannot believe you are eleven months old. But more than that, I cannot believe you will be one year old next month. Each day passes and you get a little bigger. And each day that passes I become more and more proud to be your Mama. I love you my big boy.



  1. The last picture of Henry is super darn cute!! I love his big eyes.

    Can't believe that he is 11 months old already. I remember the day when you told us all that you were pregnant.

    I know letting Henry sleep with you is a bad habit, but I say,let him sleep with you, he is only little once and I just bet it's the most amazing thing waking up to his smiling face every day.

  2. He is just so super cute--his face is always so happy! Happy 11 months, big guy!