Monday, April 5, 2010

Two Weeks

Well, I just put in my two weeks at my job. I was offered a job to manage a small section of a much larger lab at the University of Kentucky. It is a sideways move in a lot of ways, but the opportunity for growth at the new job is just exponentially more. The benefits are astronomically better, there will be no weekend work, they are letting me keep my four day a week schedule, they are still close enough to my house where I can come home and see Henry on my lunch break, I can take masters classes for free (if I decide I want to do that to myself)...and...well... after nearly five years I was ready for a change. I have loved working for my company and will always be so thankful for the start they gave me in environmental science. It's just that I have done all I can do with them and it is time to move on. So that's what I am doing.

Now I just need to remember to breath.

**pictures coming from Easter soon. For now, this seemed like bigger news!**


  1. You got the job! You are SO FABULOUS!!

    But you knew that.

  2. Well done you - sounds like the perfect move! It always strikes me as strange though that you guys only have to give two weeks notice... over here it's a minimum of 4 weeks and even more if you're a manager, but I digress... I'm so pleased for you!

  3. Change is a good thing! Congrats I know you will be great :)