Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Day

Man, these last two weeks have flown by. Today is my very last day in my lab. I have a lot of mixed feelings. When I look back at this job I will think of my coworkers who are already gone. My closest friends have left before me. Still, I am surrounded by wonderful people here. People I will miss. People who I know will miss me too.

It's amazing how your coworkers become a second family. You spend so much time together, I suppose it is natural. Still, I feel so lucky. Lucky to have had the opportunity to work here. Lucky to have survived the take over back in 2006 that took the lab from 30 employees to the six we have today. Lucky to have learned so much. But mainly, lucky for the friends I have made here. They made the last five years so much better. They were there for my wedding, there during my infertility, there with Henry. I have done a lot of growing up here. And it feels a little bitter sweet to be leaving.

Monday starts a new chapter for me. A change I am ready for. A change I am scared of. Hopefully I have made the right decision. I feel like I have. Still, today is a little sad.


  1. Happy last day and all the best to you with your new chapter!

  2. It's always hard leaving a job you have loved - I have had many jobs in the past few years and my last one was the one I really hated leaving but had to for the sake of my health, sanity and the chance to try for a family. Sometimes, however sad a change is, you know it is for the better - and you can still see these people from time to time, they will always be a part of your life in some way!

    I shall be thinking of you tomorrow as you start your new job xx