Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Post Office

So yesterday I was at work and realized we were all out of stamps. we mail a lot of regular letters as well as large envelopes, so we need regular 44 cent stamps and $1 stamps. We are really short handed so I just took it upon myself to go to the post office. I run in and am immediately stopped by an insane line. How were that many people seriously at the post office at 8:45 in the morning?? So I wait patiently. It is then my turn and I order my stamps. Five sheets of regular and three sheets of $1 stamps. And the lady tells me it's $105. Yes. One Hundred and Five dollars. I would have used all caps there, but it wasn't my money I was spending so there is no need to freak out. Still, it seemed like a lot, but I pay and leave.

I then get into my car and head back to work. It is there that I start to think. How could it possibly be that much? I think she much have charged me wrong. I get to a red light and take out the receipt. It says I got 60 $1 stamps. I think. I only got three sheets. I take them out and count them. And here is the kicker. I count the stamps on the sheets. Twice. And realize I have been scammed. I send a text message to work to let them know I am totally a super sleuth and have discovered that the post office charged me double for my stamps! that is a THIRTY dollar error! If they let me buy the stamps for the entire company I could save them MILLIONS.

SO, I spin around and march right back into the post office. I wait in line and when it's my turn I march up the the girl that checked me out. I tell her she overcharged me. I am ready for a fight. She might say I left three of the sheets in the car. She might say I asked for six and six is what I got, but I had THE TRUTH on my side and I WAS NOT backing down! So I tell her. And she looks at me. And then says, "There are 20 stamps on a sheet. Three sheets...that's $60". And then I remember counting. And I counted 20 stamps. Both times. And..well...that does equal sixty. I'll be damned. So...I leave. And go back to work. With my honest and true $105 dollars worth of stamps. Mail is expensive. And I am an idiot.


  1. Oh geez! How embarrassing! I've made similar mistakes before.

    Does your post office have an automated postage machine? It is heaven. I always use it to buy stamps and mail packages, and I have this special expression I wear on my face while I count the people waiting in line at the counter.

  2. You get your math skills from your Aunt Jan.


  3. :) Thank you for the real world math problem. love ya!

  4. Certainly NOT from your Aunt Carole.