Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Henry is trying really hard to figure out this walking thing. And let me tell you, he is fearless about it. He has started cutting the corner on our sectional sofa and taking one or two steps on his own before he falls into the cushions other side. He tried this same tactic into his toy table one day last week. It didn't work as well. The picture does not even come close to doing the lip justice. It was gigantic. He got over the pain pretty fast, so I was shocked to look down a little later and see that my son looked as if he has stuffed a grape in his upper lip.
Exactly one week later he took another fall and landed on his face again. Clearly he has my elegance and grace. This time he was in his crib. I don't have pictures of it because the result was lots of blood (yikes), followed by very little swelling. It was pitiful as well, but he was over it fast. Ten minutes later he was begging to get down and run along the couch again. He is such a boy.
For the record, his lips aren't forever changed. He is just making car sounds. Or at least, they sound like car sounds. I don't think he has actually put the two together, he just loves making that noise. Still, it's pretty adorable!
**sorry I have been MIA this week. Working on getting my feet under me at the new job. I will be back to regular posting soon!**

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  1. Oh my, poor baby!!

    I hope things are going well at your new job. Can't wait to hear more about it.