Friday, June 19, 2009

Peanut Butter

So...I just sat in front of the TV and ate 1/3 a jar of dark chocolate peanut butter. What's that? You all have never even heard of Dark Chocolate Peanut butter? It sounds like something that only children would eat? You would never actually BUY it and put it in your house?? Shut up. You see, I bought it for Nick because he loves Reese's...I wanted the white chocolate peanut butter but thought I would get the one we would both then I wouldn't be as tempted to sit there and eat it like it was candy. Right. Showing some self control.

Don't worry though. It isn't like that was my entire lunch. Before that I had two gigantic slices of New York style pizza. THEN I added on the 1/3 tub of peanut butter. I was only going to have a little spoon full. You know, for something sweet. Then I had to FORCE myself to put it down when 1/3 of it was gone. I just kept doing that "even up the top" thing. You make it smooth. "Just a little more off the top and it will look like NOBODY ate any of it!!". You all do that too, right?? RIGHT??

I am a little embarrassed for Nick to come home. Then I will have to be all like, "well, the jar isn't really as big as it LOOKS!" and maybe toss in a "It was HONESTLY only a couple of (HUGE) spoons full!" and maybe I will add in " I AM BREAST FEEDING!" just to remind him that I am eating for two. Yeah, that should take care of it. I am sure he will find the situation better then. And he definitely won't roll his eyes when I am all like, "WHEN am I going to be able to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes?? I have NO IDEA why these last 13 pounds won't come off!" Right.

**For the record, I am feeling MUCH better! The hives are officially gone and so is the crazy itching. Steroids are magical drugs. I did have a little incident where I forgot to read the directions and took all six pills for the first day at one time...instead of spread out over the day. And then I PANICKED and called the doctor know...HENRY and BREAST FEEDING and OVER DOSING ON STEROIDS. Come to find out it is totally fine to take all six at once. Good to know. **


  1. I know exactly what you're talking about when you say "leveling it off". I do that with ice cream....and finish the whole thing. Glad to know you're doing okay other than that.

  2. Don't have my own blog but I found your post so funny! LOL! Blame the hunger on the steriods and a hungry baby! You NEEDED that peanut butter. However, I hope I don't see that at the store... I need to stay away! Very far! :)

  3. Hehe Tim is just like you - I don't like sweet things so don't tend to have the same problem but I do not what you're talking about from watching him do it!!

    Glad to hear you're feeling much better - itching is never a good feeling. Take care of yourself x

  4. Love it! My weakness is was just such a screaming deal at Costco...had to stop buying it. Sigh.