Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Emotional Disney

So yesterday Henry and I were hanging out and he talked me into watching Homeward Bound on the Disney Channel. I mean, I TOTALLY would have watched something much more grown up if it was up to me, but I try to be a good mama and do what Henry asks. I mean, I don't even check out the Disney channel if I am alone...this was all Henry.

So anyway, he BEGGED to watch Homeward Bound so I figured we would go with it. You know what I learned?? Disney is evil. I mean, why would they make these super charged emotional movies? are they trying to kill us all? Do you all remember Homeward Bound?? Where the two dogs and the cat are taken to a farm to stay for a little bit and they don't understand where their family went. The oldest boy tells his golden retriever Shadow to stay, and he gets in the car and leaves. Shadow wants to run after him, but he keeps saying "Stay....stay..." because he is a good dog! Yeah, that made me cry.

Then they run away and try to cross the mountains to get home... and they lose the cat for a while and then she finds them again and she is all like "MY BOY'S!!! MY BOY'S!!" as she Runs to meet them. Yeah....that made me cry too.

But THEN at the end when you think Shadow is too old and he didn't make it because he fell in the mud pit, but then he comes limping over the hill and he is all like, " OH PETER!! I LOVE YOU and I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!! You are my boy and I will NEVER leave you!!" Yeah people. There were full on rolling tears. It was...sorta embarrassing since Nick had just walked in the house and I was all like, "THIS MOVIE!!! It is totally making me CRY!" Which was sorta stating the obvious what with how my voice cracked and I had STREAMS of TEARS and everything.

So I learned two valuable lessons. Number one, Henry doesn't get to pick the movies anymore. Clearly he likes things that are a little to emotional for his mama. Second, I sure do love my Ellie girl.
Here she is with her Big Sister shirt (which clearly she isn't really wearing...because it is for a child not a dog...and we don't make Ellie wear clothes because it seems like she would hate it. Still, the shirt was a gift to Ellie from a baby shower and is pretty stinkin' cute!). She would totally cross a mountain and climb out of a mud pit to get home to us!
Also, just for fun, here is me and Henry enjoying something on TV that doesn't make me sob like a little girl!


  1. I love those two dogs and Sassy! That movie is a tearjerker.

    The picture of you and Henry is so stinkin cute!

    Don't worry if you forget about the 8X8. I completely understand.

  2. That movie makes me cry every time I watch it. I hate watching movies with animals, seems they all make me cry.

    Love the pics! Can't wait to see more!

  3. That movie makes me cry too!! Hope you guys are doing well! :) Arielle