Saturday, June 13, 2009

One Month

Dear Henry,

I can't believe it has already been a month that you have been with us. Time is already moving too fast. Still, I look at your perfect little face and have a hard time remembering how you were ever not here with us. You make us a family. Me and your papa are completely in love with every little thing about you.

We have had a pretty huge month around here considering we went from a family of two to a family of three. That is a big change. Still, we rolled with it and now looking back on the last month it seems like it went pretty smooth. A big reason for that is because you are such a good baby. I don't know how we got so lucky. You make everything easier for me and your papa. You don't do much crying. You love it when we hold you and give you kisses. You like your swing and your play mat, but what you love best is your family. You are always content in our arms, and that is where we like you best!
In the last month you have become a champion of breast feeding. I am so proud of you. You love to eat and love to spend that time with me. You are so adorable when you curl up and start to nurse. I love to just sit there and watch you. I know it won't be long before you are so much bigger and our nursing days will be gone. For now I am loving that special time that we get to have together.
We have started leaving the house a lot more in the last week. Everyone loves to look at you and say how beautiful you are. I mean, of COURSE you are, but it is nice that even strangers notice. They all are amazed with how tiny you are, which is funny to me. You look so much bigger already. I just can't believe how fast you are growing.
Before you got here I knew your family would all love you, but I was not prepared for the level of that love. Sweet boy, you have stolen our hearts. Everyone is so taken with you and loves to spend time with you. You make that easy because you let everyone hold you and love on you. You have such an amazing family that will be such a huge part of your life. I love seeing you with them. It will be amazing to watch you grow up surrounded by so much love.
Me and your Papa love you more than we could ever say. My heart aches when I am away from you. You are my sweet boy and I cannot imagine my life without you now. You watch me with those big eyes and I see so much of your papa in you. You study everything. Taking it all in. It warms my heart to watch you see things for the first time. To try to understand what is around you. I love to watch you watch your family. You are so perfect. I love you.


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  1. This is one of the sweetest things I have ever read! Much love to Henry!!!