Friday, June 22, 2012

Olympian in Training

You know how the Summer Olympics are this year, right?  You guys, I love the Olympics. Like, I get sorta obsessed with them and get rather angry if you try to change the channel or stand in my way of watching every American in every sport known to man. And I cry.  Lots. I can't help it. THE EMOTIONS! THEY ARE TOO MUCH FOR ME!  I get very U-S-A at this time of the year.  Or at this time of the four year cycle.  Whatever.

 So since it's nearly Olympic time, and more importantly, it is the first Summer Olympics that Henry has been alive, I realized that maybe we should start working on his athletic ambitions in order to find out early if we have an Olympian on our hands. It's gotta be somebody, right? Why not Henry?? I mean... besides the fact that I am his mother and I sometimes have a hard time putting one foot in from of the other and possess exactly zero natural athletic ability, BUT STILL! He COULD have Olympic level talent hiding in there! And as his mother it's my job to find it! So I am on the look out. We were trying out the classics, like baseball.
Summer 2012
But then I remembered that they cut Baseball and Softball from the Olympics this year. What the heck, Olympic committee? I mean, I don't love to watch baseball, but it is a real sport! Totally worth an Olympic medal! So there was one afternoon of Olympic training down the drain.  Good thing we aren't locking him in to baseball as his only option. We are open to other Olympic sports. Sports that might not have as stiff of competition as things like soccer or basketball.
Summer 2012
Sports like fencing.
Summer 2012
Or shooting (it's a sport)
Henry's 3rd Birthday
Maybe mountain biking is more his speed. (picture this as a mountain bike. Turns out tricycles aren't an Olympic sport)
 Easter 2012
Or nice in door bowling.  This Mama could really get behind some Olympic bowling in an air conditioned bowling alley!
 Summer 2012
Or, you know, we could go with an summer Olympic classic like swimming.  You can't go wrong with swimming! As you can tell, we are serious about this training, that's why all those dishes are in pool.  It's like an obstacle course of swimming.  Keeps him guessing.

So we are working on it.  I mean, you can't get started too early. Tiger Woods was on Johnny Carson at the age of 3 showing off his mad golf skills.  His talent could be found any day now. Maybe Henry will come forward as the next Michael Phelps... just as soon as he is okay with putting his head under the water.  But until his talent is discovered, I will at least work on teaching him how to chant U-S-A.  That's Olympics 101. Gotta start with the basics...

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  1. I have to catch up on other posts when Oscar isn't so grumpy (he's cutting 4 teeth at once, poor boy!!) but just wanted to say that we drove past the Olympic Village this weekend when I went down (to London) for the BritMums conference. It was so weird driving past it after seeing it on the news so often, but felt so good to be so close. We didn't get tickets to go to any of the events (and we don't watch that many sports usually) but we will be watching on tv and Oscar and I are going to watch the Olympic Flame go through our town on 28th June :) Will try and remember to take a photo for you x