Friday, June 29, 2012

A Follow Up Post on the Grey Ones

So... turns out you all feel my last posts about the Grey Ones is a little... is disturbing the right word?  I mean, I tried to write it up as sorta funny and "oh those crazy things kids say", but as soon as I hit publish I had a text from Whitney telling me that it was T-E-R-R-I-F-Y-I-N-G. 

Yeah, I mean, it's a little disturbing. But kids say random stuff.  He doesn't seem AFRAID of the Grey Ones.  And being afraid seems as if it would be key.  And it isn't like he went missing or anything. I feel CONFIDENT that he was not abudcted by aliens.  REALLY.  I DO.  It's just one of those funny stories about kids! 


Okay. I must admit that it did slightly creep me out.  Because it DOES really sound like he is talking about aliens.  But Carrie said something about the X-Files and I realized that maybe that's why it sorta rolled off my back. I mean, I have spent a lot of time... HUNDREDS OF HOURS studying the discovery of extra teresterials by watching every epidsode of the X-Files ever made.  And what I learned from all that hard fought research was that MOST things aren't actually alients at all.  Which is good to know, really.  Thank God for television.

 But also in the comments was a post from Aunt Candice that said something about you all not knowing the entire story.  Which... okay fine. I should MAYBE mention that there is a history of 'Things that look like alien abduction that most likely aren't alien abduction' in this family but I didn't mention it because then it just all seemed like too much of a hoop-la over what was most likely a pile of screws.  No need to get you all worked up for nothing, AM I RIGHT? 



Nick's brother Chris could POSSIBLY have also been abducted by aliens when he was 3-4 years old.  I mean this in the most vague since of 'possibly' available.  That kind of possibly that has absolutely no proof whats so ever.  But when he was young (I always pictured him like 8 in this story, but Grandaddy told us this weekend that he was 3-4 which I WILL admit made it more terrifying to me) They tucked him and his siblings (Nick and Candice... in case you are lost) into their beds.  The doors of the house were locked.  Sometime later that night their parents heard a knocking on the back door and opened it to find Chris outside alone still wearing what he wore to bed, but locked out of the house.  With the doors all still locked from the inside.

So... you know.  That sounds pretty creepy too.  How in the hell did he get out there on his own and lock the doors back?  CREEPY.  Sorta 'Grey Ones' like if you ask me!

BUT!  I talked to Chris about it before posting this story, just to do some fact checking (serious literary author here, remember?).  And he feels pretty confident that he WAS NOT ABDUCTED.  Which, his opinion is important.  You would think he would be the one to know.  And he thinks he wanted to go find his dad, so he went outside and saw a light in the garage (THE ALIENS!), but he thinks his dad was welding (LOGICAL EXPLINATION!).  But then he got locked out. And maybe after he was outside the locked the door.  Who knows.  (You are all saying "the ALIENS KNOW!" aren't you?)

So yeah.  Fun family abduction stories abound.  But everything has an explination.  So I say there are no Aliens around here!  But it is all kinda creepy.  I get that.  And fun to talk about, because who doesn't like a good alien abduction story?  I mean, unless it terrifies you.  then this post isn't for you.  But since I didn't think to warn you until the end of the post, it might be too late.   Damn.  My bad.

*waves hands around with an attempt to use the force.* "These are not the droids are looking for.  Nobody has EVER been abducted by aliens in this family.  Or any family.  EVER."


  1. Clark had 14 teenage sisters who all lived in our basement, like for almost 2 years. I have to admit, there were times when I worried about him, but mostly about "them". I mean, he talked about them with a lot of detail. I worried we had ghosts in the basement and I wouldn't go down there at night without turning on every light. Even then I got the hebiegebies. But, I'm pretty sure it was his imagination. Or leprechauns. And now I'm worried they were little aliens. Crap. Are they still there????!!!! Then again, probably not as it seems they've come over to visit with Henry ;)

  2. Haha! Good follow up. :)

  3. Okay, now the grey ones post didn't freak me out but this one? This one about Chris did.

    I'm going to bed because I'm scared!

  4. I love the fact you had to write a follow up post for this :)

    Just wanted to let you know I've tagged you in a meme, if you fancy joining in? No worries if not!