Monday, July 2, 2012

Father-Daughter Weekend

Back in early June I called my dad to ask what he wanted for his birthday.  I know, how lame.  Like, I should surprise him with GREATEST GIFT EVER every single year, but I had nothing.  Not a single idea for my dear sweet dad, so I decided to ask.  His answer was a little surprising. 

"Well, you know what I really want?  And it's free.... I would love time with just you.  A father/daughter weekend where you come to the farm Friday after work and we just hang out until Sunday morning.  We could watch movies and spend time together.  I love the boys, but I haven't been with just you in a long time.  What do you think?"

Hmmm.  What did I think.  I thought it sounded kinda awesome.  Like a little vacation from my life.  But also a little stressful.  Weekends away are rare.  Leaving Nick and Henry for two entire nights isn't something I have done many times since he was born. But I talked to Nick and he said he was happy to have a father/son weekend at our house while I went to a Father/Daughter weekend with my dad.  So a weekend was picked and it was set! 

So, this past Friday, my dad picked me up after work and we headed to the farm.  We ate way too much, watched lots of Sci-Fy movies, talked about politics, my blog, our up coming vacation, my degree, his plans for retirement, I set him up with a twitter account.... you guys, it was awesome.  It was more than awesome, it was perfect.  I love my dad, and he was right.  It had been a very long time since we had spent quality time together, just us.  He has the same weekend scheduled with both my sisters.  He didn't want us all at the same time, he wanted one on one time with each daughter.  And I have to say, my dad is pretty smart.  And pretty amazing.

Sunday morning we were going to watch one more movie while eating our big country breakfast my amazing mom made before he took me home.  He and mom were cooking and I called home to check in.  I hear Henry in the background "I lost my mommy.... I lost my mommy..." and Nick said "um... he is carrying around your picture..."  I got on the phone with Henry and told him I wasn't lost, I would be home soon.  He said " Mama, come home!" 

And so I did.  That last movie will be watched some other day, but it was time for me to head home and be with my boys.
Maybe in 30 years he will set aside a Mama/Son weekend, because we are showing him now how important those relationships are in your life.  You never outgrow your parents.



  1. What a wonderful weekend! And you're right, we never outgrow our parents.

  2. That is beautiful, Cherish those moments with your parents, because you just never know. I lost my Dad to cancer 2 years ago, and would give anything for the weekend you just had with yours, or just another 5 minutes. Those relationships are special!