Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dove VisibleCare Body Wash-A BlogHer Review and $500 Spa Giveaway!

I loved to take baths. I was that kid who took such long baths that I turned completely pruned and would have to drain half the tub of lukewarm water and refill it with hot two or three times because I just wasn't quite ready to move on from the joy of bath time just yet. It's kinda funny because the other day Henry was taking a bath and for the first time he asked for more hot water. It's strange the way kids are like their parents in the oddest way. Is there a place on our DNA that says 'you are generically predisposed to love laying around in hot baths all day long' ? Apparently the answer is yes.
Anyway, as I got a little older and entered my middle and high school years my love of baths turned in to a love of body wash. I was going to the mall every few weeks to spend an insane amount of money on body wash, lotion and body spray. I doused myself in it, and to be honest I assume my scent was possibly a little over powering. Actually I don't assume that, my husband has told me that it's true. I smelled good, but STRONG.

Eventually infertility and motherhood took it's toll and one of the things to get cut from our budget was the expensive bath gels and lotions from the mall. I started just buying whatever I found on the shelf for cheap at the grocery store and did a quick scrub down in the quickest shower known to man. Or known to woman, or mother. I guess that's the way of life. Extra minutes like lazy bath and shower time are eventually cut from the time budget of life once things get busy and life gets full. It's one of the answers to every mother's age old question 'what did I used to do with all my extra time?' but deep down I knew that I missed that 'me time'.  So when Dove and BlogHer asked if was willing to review the new Dove VisibleCare Creme Body Wash I was all for it. Especially when they pointed out that they really wanted me to take some time for myself, to relax and really enjoy the product.

I mean... I will do what it takes to please the client and give you all an honest review.

I have been using the body washfor several weeks, and I can tell you I am absolutely in love. I didn't realize how much I was depriving myself with my randomly selected off-brand bath wash, but now I remember. I had the Softening Creme Body wash, and my skin is so soft that I actually skipped using lotion for several days. (Full disclaimer, this is only because I ran out of lotion and hadn't been to the store to get more, but STILL... skin was soft and lovely even without lotion in 100 degree heat)  (Second disclaimer.  yes, it was 100 degrees outside, but to be honest, I was inside.  So soft and smooth in 73 degree AC). The Body Wash smells wonderful and my skin looks so healthy.  Plus you can get Dove products pretty much anywhere and it costs less than $7 a bottle. So, no extra trips to the mall, no insane price, and it makes you feel pretty and your skin feel amazing. Oh, and it reminded me that I really do like to pamper myself a little with my me time in the bath every once and awhile. Something everybody needs to take the time to remember.

So, now you know to pick up a bottle of Dove VisibleCare body wash next time you are at the store. And maybe you are also a little interested in your own quality me-time. Well that works out well! Dove and BlogHer are giving away two $500 Spa Gift Packages. All you have to do follow the links below and answer this question:

What is your favorite way to relax? 

Is it a bath, a good book, shopping?  Just leave your answer in the spreadsheet below and you will be entered to win!   Comments on this post are not entries. You gotta click the link.

Good Luck!

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  1. As you know, you are scarily like me and there is NOTHING in the world I enjoy as much as a hot bath, preferably with lots of bubbles and plenty of time to enjoy it. Wait. There is something better. A hot bubble bath in a fabulous tub in a fabulous hotel in a fabulous destination. Yes. That IS better.