Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Story about Apple Cider (followed by more Outlander nonsense)

So two weeks ago Henry and I were at the grocery store and I noticed that the produce section had a new inhabitant.  The fresh apple cider was back!   Oh, I was thrilled.  but then, I went to grab it, and noticed that the gallon cost five dollars.  Five dollars?  Really apple orchard? You think your product is more valuable by volume than gasoline?  "THIS IS APPLE CIDER EXTORTION!" I proclaim to Henry, getting looks from a few other shoppers, but really...they too needed to be informed.  I felt it was my duty to make the corruption known.  So I decided right then and there I was taking a stand.  I WAS NOT paying this for cider.  It was absurd.  ABSURD!  ( I have no idea...what does cider usually go for? Is this actually a very reasonable price?)

I mean...okay, so if I was at an Apple Orchard I would most likely pay $5 for a single glass of apple cider.  Aaaaaaand, I am not really good at looking at prices, so there was an even chance that I could have tossed the gallon in my cart and never thought twice about it, spending the $5 without batting an eye.  But since I NOTICED that it was five dollars I decided right then and there it would be insane to buy it.  And so I didn't.

So flash forward to today.  Henry and I are shopping once again, him munching on a banana and me grabbing some fresh veggies and I once again see the cider.  But then I see it has a sign, "NEW PRICE!  Now $2.50!"  I look at Henry, my mouth hanging open, and say "Hey!  We did it! WE SHOWED THEM!"  And offer up my hand for a high five from Henry which he promptly gives me, while also yelling "FIVE!!! YESSSSS!"  Which, isn't so much in support of apple cider but rather because he has an unusual love of the high five.  But still, I felt the support.   And I know what you are thinking, it most likely is crap apple cider, or it is nearly expired.  Well, it tastes fine to me and it has a shelf life of several more weeks. I plan to polish off this gallon in about a day, so we are good.  And I now consider myself a thrifty grocery shopper.  At least when it comes to cider.

Moving on, that story took on a life of it's own there, didn't it?  I actually sat down to post about the latest Outlander book that I finished, The Fiery Cross, but I had my cup of hot Apple Cider with me and... I guess I was passionate about my win over the Corporate Apple Cider Corruption that is taking place in Kentucky.  But now that I am ready to move on to The Fiery Cross, it leads me to question if any of you are actually interested in my thoughts about each of these books.  Are you?  It's okay to tell me you aren't.  I mean, don't tell me I am really boring or anything, just maybe say "You favorite portion of this post was the Rise Against Apple Cider Extortion that you took part in.  I could do without the book review".  Or you could say, "Oh, I love Outlander and I thrilled with your detailed thoughts of each book!  Although I did enjoy your Apple Cider story as well.".  Feel free to copy and paste either and submit them as comments, OR you could write your own.  Totally up to you.

MOVING ON.  So, The Fiery Cross in bullets.  As normal, do not read below this line if you have not read this book and you ever think you might.  It shall be filled with Spoilers!
  • Okay, so my first thoughts on this book is that I wasn't quite as hooked in from the start compared to the others in the series. I mean, I ENJOYED the entire book, but I just felt like it began really slow.  Which might be because it took over a hundred pages to get past the first day.  I mean, it was a big day, and I enjoyed the wedding and I REALLY enjoyed when Jamie called out to his family at the fire, but still...the Gathering could have used a little editing.
  • I love Roger.   You all, I love him like I love Jamie.  I didn't think it was possible, but it's true.  And when they hung him, I actually cried.  And then I cried towards the end when he sand to his son in his broken voice.  POOR ROGER.  First there is the mistaken identity and Jamie takes him to the indians in the last book, and in this book he gets freaking HUNG.  WHAT THE HELL GABALDON?? Give Roger Mac a break.
  • Speaking of Roger though, I love how his and Jamie's relationship has grown in this book.  Love it.
  • The snake bite, and when Jamie told Claire she was going to have to take his leg...that entire part just broke my little heart.
  • WAIT, how did I get to bullet number FIVE before mentioning my love of Ian and how I literally gave a little cheer when he came back!  But I worry about him and his old eyes.  Oh Ian, what happened to you with the Indians? Where are your wife and child??
  • All that stuff about the five guys who came back to change history for the Native Americans...I find all of that FASINATING.
  • Bonnett.... Oh how I hate him.  And I hate that it was left hanging on if he lived or not, which totally means he did and we will see him again. Bastard.
  • My love holds strong for John Gray.  I think I might have to read the books about him because every time he is even talked about I start smiling.  Give me a nice gay man in any series and I will be drawn to wanting to be his very best friend. 
  • I am a nerd and am loving all the talk about genetics.
  • The part where they ask Jemmy to roll his tongue, and you think we will find out if Roger or Bonnet is his dad...I thought I would die.  Like I COULD NOT READ FAST ENOUGH.  And you KNOW Roger wont care either way because he is HIS SON, but still...the fear.  And then he couldn't roll his tongue, so we don't know for sure.  But he could hear the stones...and they seemed stronger to him.  My money is on Roger being his biological father as well as his real dad.
Okay, that's it.  I am starting A Breath of Snow and Ashes as soon as I finish my book club book.  I can't wait!

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  1. "Oh, I love Outlander and I thrilled with your detailed thoughts of each book! Although I did enjoy your Apple Cider story as well.".

    But seriously.

    1. I felt the same way about how this book started. I was like "what the heck - I'm actually BORED so far. But of course it gets better.

    2. OMG, I LOVE Roger. I too cried when he was hung - NOOOOO, Roger can't be dead!!!!!

    3. I loved that about the guys coming back to change things as well. But I love time travel stuff and how that could TOTALLY happen. At least I like to think so.

    4. Oh. Bonnett. Yeah, he'll be back. 'Nuff said.

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