Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hitting the Road

Packed and Ready to Roll Heading Out
(does he look huge here to anybody but me?)

Okay, I think I totally forgot to tell you all, but we are leaving town.  WHAT?  I know, right? How did I not mention this huge week long vacation before now? Or...wait.  Did I tell you?  Honestly, at this point I am too tired to remember what I have or have not mentioned on here. It's been a long day and I am just too lazy to go back and read old posts to see.  So lets just go with the idea that I didn't tell you.  So I shall tell you now.  Just so we are all on the same page.  (drag it out a little more why don't you?  How do you all put up with me?)
So here's the deal!  The  Bio Girl family is going to Florida for a much needed week of rest and beach and fun! Awesome, right?  But before you get TOO jealous, I will note that we are driving.  And it is almost exactly 1000 miles from our front door to the condo. Did you hear that? ONE THOUSAND MILES.  With a two year old.  That is not the part of the trip I am looking forward to.  But the toes in the sand, family time with my inlaws, memories with my sweet that I can't wait another minute to start.  Just just pray we survive the drive.
I thought about taking the week off of blogging, but then I remembered that I seem unable to leave the blog and will most likely post every day about important things like the shells we are finding.  RIVETING STUFF here at Bio Girl.  So stay tuned. At the very least there should be some good pictures of the boy.
Heading Out
Henry says: "LATER! I am off to the BEACH!"


  1. Have a safe trip and enjoy the vacation!!

  2. Good luck! We just finished our first drive (only 600 miles) with Lei and let me just say...patience was needed!!! Of course she won't watch movies so we didn't have that to help! Have fun!! xoxo

  3. Have a WONDERFUL time and good luck for the drive :)

    Henry looks so grown up with his cute little suitcase, oh how sweet xx