Monday, October 24, 2011

A Keeper

It's official.  Nick's a keeper.  He planned a surprise for our anniverary.  The only thing I was told was that we were going on a date, and to wear a dress.
It wasn't until we actually got to our local Opera House that he told me we were seeing Romeo and Juliette,  the Opera.
Nick is not an Opera kinda guy, but he knows how much I love going to the theater. (born from my short lived stint in the drama department in high school.  I was fairly awful, but the love was born). I loved it so so much. I can't even tell you.
For the record, I got him a card, two pumpkin Reese's and a Mt. Dew. You know, because it's a special day and everything. No need to discuss who wins at Anniversary presents. We can just call it a draw.
Although the fact that he humored me by letting me take these pictures with my iphone at dinner might possibly tip the scale in his favor.

Seriously, how wonderful is he? We had a great time. Better than great. I loved every single second. Thank you baby.


  1. He is a keeper indeed!

    Love that pic of you with the hands :) Beautiful wedding rings!!!!

  2. Oooooohhhh...opera. No. Just. NO. However, musicals I love and Tom, for the love of his wife, tolerates them. So they are indeed keepers!

  3. Actually Nick was a little worried about the fact that it was an opera! And once I knew about it, I was too. I have never seen one, but he knows I love Romeo and Juliette and he knows I love to watch any sort of play. Since it was what was playing (we dont have options around here...there is one play at a time!) , he figured it was worth a try.

    It was actually amazing! But it was helped by the fact that I knew the story REALLY well, and...they had subtitles! Can you believe it? I found it odd, but it was REALLY nice. They just had screens beside the stage with the words of the music translated. It was three hours and it honestly FLEW by! So enjoyable :)

  4. Happy Anniversary from ICLWland!

  5. So sweet! Definitely a keeper ;-)
    Happy Anniversary!

  6. yes, better then great! What a wonderful way to spend the evening!