Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Name Game

I knew one day he would figure it out.  I mean, most kids call their parents Mommy and Daddy.  I figured once he started school he would realize that Mama and Papa weren't the normal names.  Maybe even before school, I thought.  I mean, Cici will call her parents Mommy and Daddy.  So, maybe then.  I knew he would ask, I just didn't expect it to be so soon.

In the car on the way to Florida Henry was sitting the the back with a book and his Buzz Lightyear in his lap.  He looks up front at me and Nick and says, "Mama?"

"Yes?" I say.  Thinking it unlikely that he has an actual question.  He likes to just say our names sometimes. Then he says, "Papa?".

"Yes?"  Nick says back.  Then Henry thinks for a second, turns his head slightly to one side when he is thinking about something, and says "Mommy?"

I smile and say "Yes?".  Henry smiles back and says "Daddy??"

"Yes?  Nick says to him.  And the smile gets wider.









A huge grin fills his face followed by a sweet little laugh.  As if to say, "I have this all figured out!  You are BOTH!  Mama=Mommy.  Papa=Daddy!  IT'S ALL CLEAR!"

Just wait until we tell him we are also called Nick and Sarah.  It will BLOW. HIS. MIND.


  1. Ha! Love this! B calls J daddy, but I'm both mommy and momma. AND when we don't come fast enough, we're JOEY! and ALISON!. It's cute for the first 20 times and then you're like MY NAME IS MOMMY! :)

  2. The other day our 2 year old called us Mr. Clint and Aunt Donna out of the blue. He obviously decided to test out the other names he hears us being called throughout the day!

  3. Found your blog via ICLW and I'm lovin it! You're a fantastic story teller.

    I'm the oldest and used to call my mom Mary, since everyone else did. She had to tell me that I was the only person in tne world who got to call her "mommy." Apparently I wasn't as bright a toddler as Henry because I spent the holidays wishing everyone a "Mommy Christmas."