Friday, April 18, 2008

Sleeping Arrangements

I did take a pregnancy test this morning. It was unquestionably negative. This is not the point of the post...because there is not much more you can say about a negative test than "yep...negative". Obviously it was not a surprise, and I am really okay. Just happy to know and be able to move on to the next cycle! a total change of subject...

So this was going to be worked in to the 100 Things post, but I just ran out of numbers. That's what I get for stretching things out I guess....obviously it isn't even one of the really good ones, or I would have made sure to work it in...makes you want to keep reading with baited breath, right?

So, here goes...Nick and I do not have assigned spots in the bed. We totally rotate. Not like each night we say, "Okay, my turn on the left!". It is more like, "oh, you are getting up first in the sleep by the alarm clock", or "I wanna watch TV...switch me sides". We used to have set sides in our old room, but once we got the king size bed, it all just went to pot. I think it actually started because he was a little jealous of my side. I would find him rolled over and sleeping in it when I got out of the shower...and he told me he always slept over there when I was out of town. So, eventually I was like, "Do you want to switch?" I guess the switch never really stuck...because now both sides are totally up for grabs.

As a second odd note on sleeping in this house, Nick is currently asleep on the couch. He fell asleep there, and just stayed. We will both sleep on the couch on a regular basis. We used to try to get each other up, but it just seemed...pointless. If we wake up and want to get in bed, then we will! Mind you, when you are the second to bed, you never know which side to climb in on...but that is just a hazard of refusing to pick a side...anyway, we have one of those foam mattress beds, so honestly half the time I think he has stayed on the couch, just to find him sleeping right there when I roll over...I just didn't feel him get in the bed. I am not sure why this has recently struck me as so odd, but it has. Don't most people have "there side"? I know my parents do. I guess to each their own...


  1. Daniel and I have our 'sides' thought it has changed once since we got married. It's not totally set in stone but that's just how it happened... =)

  2. We have our own sides, although now that we have our own rooms, it's no longer an issue!!

  3. Oh no, we totally have sides. My hubby will all but push me out the bed if he comes in and I'm asleep on "his" side. Matter of fact, even when we travel, we still sleep on the same exact sides, and if I even dream of laying down on the wrong side, he looks at me like I'm crazy and says "uh, thats not your side". I sleep on his side when he's out of town though. Or as soon as he wakes up and gets out of bed, I pretty much roll on to his side. It drives him crazy.

  4. We totally each have our own side and we never change. There's way too much "stuff" on our respective nightstands. (Vicks, nightime meds, water bottle, etc. etc.) We also use the same side when we travel. Force of habit I guess. It would feel very strange to have The Spouse on the "wrong" side.

  5. I have never heard of a couple that did not have sides