Monday, April 14, 2008

A True Story

I am going to tell you a story...but I swear on my life it is true. This happened to me in South Carolina...and although it is not some ghost story ( repeat NOT A GHOST STORY! that would be much more exciting and much more worth writing about...this is just a nothing story...), it still has the feeling of something that is...a little if I have filled in the blanks with what I believed someone to be thinking rather than what they actually said...this is not the case. This is the exact conversation as it happened...

So I am out shopping with my MIL, her sister, and her sisters daughter. The four of us are enjoying ourselves, having a pleasant day and what not. We decide we are hungry so we run over to Five Guy's for a burger. Five Guy's is just a walk up and order kinda place...which happens to have DELICIOUS burgers. Anyway, we walk up to the register to order, and my MIL and her sis start to argue a little about who is paying. No big deal, but we stand at the register for a few minutes. I am the last of the four of us to order. I walk up, place my order and then step back (I am not jumping into the paying argument...I will happily take free lunch! Plus I never would have won the fight...) So, here is where it gets a interesting...

We had not been talking to the clerk besides to place the order. She is pleasant enough, but there was not chit chat. She was an average sized black girl who was around 18-20. She looks at me and says, "Are you married?!?!" Honestly I am taken aback. Do I not look like marriage material?? I mean, why does she seem so SHOCKED! I tell her that yes, I am indeed married. The conversation went on as follows.

Check Out Clerk: "Really? How OLD are you??"

Me: " Ummm..(takes me a minute to remember sometimes...damn old age) 28"

Lovely Check Out Clerk: " OH MY GOD! I would have guessed you were 18!!"

Me, my MIL, and family: "WHAT?? Well, thank you, but I am indeed 28"

My favorite Check Out Clerk Ever: " Seriously, you look younger than me." Turns to everyone working behind her "She is 28! Don't you think she looks younger than me?? Doesn't she look so YOUNG!" (everyone nods head in family shakes heads in disagreement...)

Me: "Well, thank you! You have just totally made my day" and we walk away.

That's it. The end. For the record. She looked every bit of 18. She looked like she just got out of high school. In NO WAY did I look younger than her. Also, what a weird thing to ask a stranger, right?? We guess that she saw my rings, and was just surprised to see I was married, but STILL. What would she have said if I did say I was 18? I took her aback with my age, so we will never know...but I do know one thing. I will be going back to Five Guy's next time I am in SC...just to see my favorite check out girl again...


  1. OK-I totally read the first paragraph wrong and thought the story WAS going to be a ghost story. I got to the end and was like HUH??? Then re-read and had an ah-HA! moment. Ridiculousness :)

  2. It was not just Mandy because I thought the same thing. I kept waiting for the black girl to have diappear and only you would have seen her

  3. okay okay...I added a line to make SURE people know it is indeed NOT a ghost story...sorry to let you all down! If the girl THAT would be an amazing story!

  4. 1. I forget my age all the time, so I am here to tell you it does not get any better.

    2. That would be my favorite new restaurant and I would have to eat there all the time.

  5. A woman insisted I had to go to my car for my ID about four or five years ago because she did not think I was old enough to buy a lottery ticket!!! I was overjoyed and still smile fondly when I pass that particular gas station. :D

  6. Wow! I'm heading there too! This girl didn't work for tips did she!?

  7. OK, now all I need to do is take you to the Horsemen game and they can put us back on the BABE CAM!!!!

    Who - Hoo to the cuties!!!