Saturday, April 5, 2008

Great Day

So I was off work yesterday. God I love my Fridays off. It is one of those things I don't think about to often, but what am amazing perk of my job...every third Friday you are off work...amazing! Anyway, my sister Boo did a picture post from yesterday, and since I spent at least half my day with her, it kinda covers what I did too. Plus, her picture post is genius and adorable and totally worth looking at... Now, you might assume I will leave you with that, but you are wrong. Even though parts of my day is captured in pictures, I fill the need to fill in the blanks...AND to use my many many words to tell you about my feelings and all that crap.

So, in order to tell you how the day actually started, I need to back up to Thursday. On Thursday afternoon I went back into the Fertility doc to get my ultrasound to see if I will be ovulating. I have to tell you, I would not have been in good shape if they said I was not. Lucky for everyone around me, I WAS OVULATING! Amazingly enough, my appointment was originally for Friday morning, but I just had this feeling (see, I told you I needed to talk about my feelings) that I was ovulating earlier this month. I called and moved the appointment to Thursday, then felt very stupid because it was only day 13 of my cycle and I had been ovulating on day 19-20. Well, I lay down for the ultrasound and he says, "Oh, you are ovulating tomorrow morning!" HA! Chalk one up for knowing my body (ignore all chalk marks on site of "so sure I know then find out I am totally wrong").

After the ultrasound and the doctors magical calculations he informed me that I was ovulating two (TWO) egg's, and that would increase our chance of conception. He then threw in that on the side with both of the eggs, there was also a nice new cyst. Awesome. He told me to come back tomorrow with Nick for the actual insemination, and that I was going to have to GIVE MYSELF A SHOT as soon as I go pick it up from the pharmacy. That's right people. I gave myself a shot. I actually stuck myself twice before really getting the job done. I would go to do it, then as soon as the needle hit my skin, I would pull back. So I have three tiny needle holes, buy I did finally got it done!

Soooo....yesterday morning Nick and I went and had the insemination done. This means we are officially in our first attempt at a fertility treatment!! We know our odds are so low of this working, but we (I) just cannot help but be a little excited about the idea of maybe...I think I am ready for it not to work, but I am just so hopeful that it does...we will know in a couple of weeks. Keep your fingers crossed!!

After the doctor I went home to relax for a bit, ran a quick errand for Boo's baby shower (!!!) and then went to lunch with some of my sweet girlfriends. (this is where Boo's pictures kick in for me). We had an amazing time at lunch, then Boo took me and Missy for Manicures and Pedicures. What an amazing sister!! It was exactly what I needed!! After that I actually went and had my hair cut and colored from my new hair girl. I have been with the same guy for YEARS, but decided it was time to find someone new (the main (only) reason is money. I love him, but with all the baby stuff I just needed to find someone who could do it for less). I found her. I love her. She is amazing!! Thanks Shawna for sending me her way!!

Anyway, after the new lovely hair cut, Boo and I went to pick Nick up from work. We were all going to do dinner together, but I was so beat. I guess it was just all the hormones, but I could hardly keep my eyes open. We ended up dropping Boo off, then Nick and I picked up dinner and went home. We watched some TV, I napped, Nick played me music on his guitar, we went and got blizzards at Dairy Queen....basically the perfect in to a nearly perfect if we end up getting pregnant on this day...then it will most definitely go from nearly perfect to completely perfect!!


  1. I can't imagine having to give myself a shot. I would have had roughly a hundred pinpinpricks and then I would probably have had to have someone else give it to me! My fingers are crossed for you, honey!

  2. Lots of good wishes are coming your way. Hope, hope, hope! Our fingers are collectively crossed as well.Love you.

  3. Yea!! I can't wait two weeks...It seems so far away but I know it will be here in the blink of an eye!

  4. We are very excited!!