Thursday, April 10, 2008

South Carolina Bound

Well, Nick and I are leaving for South Carolina tomorrow. I am going in early to work so we can get on the road at four. His mom is coming with us, so that will be nice. We are actually going to spend time with Nick's grandma (MawMaw) and the rest of his mom's side of the family. Nick's MawMaw isn't your typical grandma, she is...well...out spoken. She will tell you what she thinks all the time. All the time. And then she says "And if you don't like it, I don't give a shit!". She is a chain smoking Yahtzee playing fool. She will be up all hours of the night, drinking sweet tea and telling ghost stories that would make your skin crawl. She is constantly gardening and cooking, and she loves her family fiercely. I love her more than I could ever explain, and I cannot believe we have let a year go by since we last went to visit. As an added bonus, Nick's cousin Matt will be there, and we are really close with him should be a great trip.

Speaking of good old South Carolina, have you all ever been to Sticky Fingers? It is a BBQ place that they have there. I am sure it is in other states as well...I have no idea which ones. What I do know is that they have the most heavenly BBQ I have ever tasted. This is the kind of BBQ you could have dreams about. So, imagine my excitement when I was grocery shopping and I saw that WALMART IS NOW CARRYING THE STICKY FINGERS BBQ SAUCE! Chalk one up for shopping at the large impersonal super store! They have four flavors at Walmart, but I went with the Carolina Sweet. We grilled chicken last night...oh lord. It was amazing. AMAZING! Now that I think about it, the timing might not have been the best since I am now going back to SC, and could have just gone to the restaurant, but whatever. It was delicious. You should pick some up!

So, anyway, sorry for the Sticky Fingers commercial...I'm hungry. I guess I am out of here. I don't think I will be posting tight on time. I know I wont be posting is South Carolina. MawMaw does not have next week!

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  1. You have me hungry now!! And MawMaw sounds like an amazing lady! Have a safe trip!!