Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby Shower!!

My sister Boo is getting her little girl from Guatemala really that means it was time for a baby shower! my little sister Missy, my aunt Mrs. Who, and my cousin Liz (who made an adorable video with her pic's from the shower and managed to get WAY more people photographed) all went in together to throw her a great shower. Here are some pics from the weekend festivities...

The Mama to be!

The Shower room all set up before guests arrived...see all those balloon's....those are a driving hazard. Also, see the little tiny cups of m&m's holding them down? (I know you can't I just want to mention them)When Missy and I went to get those (in all the cute baby colors because seriously, who wants the classic?) we managed to fill up three big bags in order to fully fill the baby bottles we had as center pieces...the the guy said "Your total comes to $78" with a big grin. I yelled "FOR M&M's!!!! I am sorry buddy. You are going to have to put all those back. He did look horrified. I can see why...being that we had managed to mix to colors up really well...and they all had to be separated out...te hehe...but seriously $78!!
Back to the shower pictures and not me ranting...Here is my perfect mom and my sisters...and me, clearly
And my mom-in-law and sister-in-law...and me. A repeating theme in all pictures I take...

My Nana isn't big on having her picture taken, but I got one of her! Here is her and my aunt both looking wonderful!

And then we have the three generations of Gerish. (I am almost sure that is the right name. Totally could have made that up)

Little Missy with her two best friends Mandy and Becky. (As I wave feverishly at Mandy...who is a bio girl reader)

A good picture of Boo and Rhi

me and Boo showing off the adorable Bengal's attire that my dad got baby Avery!

The ZPO's

And finally the ZPO's and the ZPO mama's. I just love this picture

That is basically it for my pictures. Sorry to all people not pictured. I do love you and was so glad you were there!! I just forgot to get the photographic evidence...Boo, we love you and can't wait for you to bring sweet baby Avery home!


  1. What a great picture post. FYI my mother would die if she knew she was referred to as a Gerrish hehehe I won't tell

  2. Man, we did a great job, didn't we? And we look FABULOUS. No conceit in this family, no sir.

  3. Everything looks beautiful! Y'all did a great job! And Avery is a beautiful name! We thought about that name too!

  4. What pretty pictures! The decorations
    were gorgeous -- you guys did a great
    job. I am thrilled for Boo!

    Oh, and of course you all are beautiful, too! ;)

  5. Missy told me the M&M story. Priceless! The best part is that you had already mixed them all funny ;)

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