Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So Lady Like

So last night Nick and I were laying on the couch. I tell him I am heading to bed, that my allergies are killing me and I just need to lay down in the nice dark room. I guess my mention of my allergies reminded him of the night before, because he gets tickled. He then tells me that he woke up on the couch that night around 2:30. He went to get up and come join me in the bed when he realized what had actually woke him up...it was me. Snoring. In the bedroom. With the door closed.

That's right people. I was snoring so loudly that it actually woke him up in the other room. He was so ticked trying to do an impression of what I sounded like. I wanted to say he was being ridiculous, that there was NO WAY it was that loud, but then when I think about it...it had to be some serious snoring to wake him up...IN THE OTHER ROOM! I argued that it is only because my allergies are so bad! That I don't always snore like that! He seemed unconvinced. He said he would just plan on sleeping all night on the couch this time...I am a picture of grace and elegance...lucky Nick.


  1. You can help the allergy related snoring thing with Breathe-Rite strips on your nose at night. They really help. Try it.

  2. You got it from your mother ...

  3. Hi, like how you describe yourself. And also like how you express!

  4. :) I'm impressed that you shared this.