Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bob Marley T-Shirt

Well the IUI went great yesterday...I guess. Hard to say really. The doctor seemed to think that it went really well. It took all of 30 seconds, so you know...seemed fine to me. I then came home and slept the rest of the day away. I took a nap for a couple of hours, then when Nick and Missy got home we ordered pizza and watched American Idol. After the show Nick cleaned the kitchen and Missy changed the laundry. And I just stayed on the couch. It was lovely.

When Missy came to put the laundry away she held up the old holey t-shirt and said, "Whose is this?" Nick and I both look up, and Nick says "Oh. That's Sarah's". Missy just says "I LOVE it! I wore it to work the other day and got a million compliments on it."I look at it. I had totally forgotten about this t-shirt. I had gotten it as a free gift for filling out credit card applications when I was a freshman in college. Did they have those people set up at your schools? Well, when I was a freshman they were ALL OVER UK. Whitney and I would go around filling out dozens of applications and then be thrilled (THRILLED) with our two free two liters and a free beer coozy. I am pretty sure they ban people from doing this later in my college life because one day, they were just gone. Lurking on the outskirts of campus, but not right outside your dorm room.

Anyway, one day we walked up to a booth that had T-SHIRTS! This was the mother load. Take advantage of my innocent credit and this time you at least give me actual clothing! I am totally in!! So I believe for the mere price of four applications I got this one crappy Bob Marley t-shirt. It already had a little hole in it, but I didn't care. I wore the crap out of this t-shirt that entire year. Nothing was cooler. Nothing. Then that summer Nick and I started going out. He also had a love for the Bob Marley t-shirt, so I let him borrow it. After that I would wear it some, but it had become Nick's. I LOVED him in it. After several more years Nick out grew the old Marley shirt and it made it's way back to me. It was a little more holey now, and very well broken in. I don't think I really wore it after that. Only on lazy days. It had lost it's charm.

Then, last night Missy held it up. The love was back. I hadn't seen it in ages. It old favorite t-shirt! I wanted to tell it, "I have missed you!! I love you!! I will never leave you again!" So today I am once again wearing my Bob Marley shirt. Everyone else might see an old holey t-shirt, but I see a piece of my past. It is by far the best credit card application reward I have ever gotten!

**For the record, we were denied for about 95% of these credit cards because we had no credit to begin with. Still, it isn't a good idea to fill out dozens of credit card app's for a 2 liter...not a good idea at all.***


  1. I totally forgot about us doing this!!! But now, the memories... They are flooding back. If you'll remember, not only did we get free two-liters to stock our dorm room with, we got food. Very nutritional food like bags of M&Ms... And I still have a lot of those tshirts, but I never got a Bob Marley one... I feel slightly robbed...

  2. Haha -- we have a blue youth softball league tshirt like that -- I mean, it doesn't have Bob Marley playing softball or anything, but it's worn in, and holey, and amazingly soft and thin -- I know the love one can have for a t shirt. :)

  3. Wonderful, wonderful story! T shirts are so under-appreciated. One of my friend's husband collects concert t shirts, which drives her crazy, but I thought it was really cool hobby. And a shared t shirt is somehow even better....I remember when I broke up with Colin that I was too nice and let him take all the great t shirts we both used to wear.

    A good t shirt is so hard to find... but I just happened to be wearing one when I read your blog, which made your story even better! Thanks! :D