Thursday, May 1, 2008

Girl's Trip

So we have this girls long weekend planned for early June with Nick's side of the family. I have been a true part of the family for ages, so of course I am going along with his mom, sister, aunt and cousin. I have been really excited about it since I found out we were doing it. I was thinking we were going to South Carolina, which makes since seeing as how that is where his aunt and cousin live. In my head this was a beach trip. We would go pick them up, and drive the rest of the way to Charleston or Hilton Head or something. Nick is not a big beach fan anyway, plus we are going to Florida with my family later in the summer, so I knew this was not a big deal at all. Just good family fun!

Well, I got an email from my mother in law today about our trip. It is going to be awesome. I am seriously so excited about it....but I am really thinking Nick is going to be jealous of this little vacation now. First off, we are not going to the beach, we are going to the mountains. We are meeting in the middle of Kentucky and South Carolina...Tennessee. This mean less driving, which is always a plus. We are staying in a cabin, which is always nice, and we have tons of exciting stuff planned like hiking to Rainbow Falls and white water rafting. Of course there will be tons of eating and shopping and what not. We are not staying in Pigeon Forge, but the drive is not terrible, so we figured we would go there one day and do some outlet shopping. That might be my favorite part of the plan...

So here are my only concerns with this trip. First off, say I am pregnant, which, you know...would be awesome. White water rafting doesn't really sound like a great idea. I mean, I have ALWAYS wanted to try it, but I just don't see it as a "things to do while pregnant" activity. I guess I can go watch the other girls...or just stay at the cabin...or take an extra day of shopping...yes, i think shopping will win. Next problem. The hiking. Okay, I like nature. I really do. The thing is, nature does not always like me. I am clumsy and uncoordinated. I have asthma...and lets face it, I am kinda a baby. Sally (MIL) said it was listed as a half day hike that is moderately hard. And that we should start training now. START TRAINING NOW! Did you all know that my aunts went hiking one time and one of them had to be air lifted out. I am not kidding. My sister went to the grand canyon (which okay, it is the grand canyon, it is HUGE) but she nearly couldn't get out and broke down in tears because "Oh god the pain...I will NEVER make it!". We are more of a family of watchers...of relaxers really. I don't want to be a baby about it. I mean, I am sure I can make it...I am sure I can hike. It sounds so nice. It sounds like something I should do. I can feel it. I am going to love it. It might even become a new hobby of mine. I can do this!

The rest of the trip I am totally down with. The laying out by the lake, the swimming, the shopping, the eating. All sounds perfect. Except for that little voice in my head that says "Man, this sounds like a trip Nick would LOVE. Yes sir. His kinda thing." But I shouldn't feel bad, right? I mean, I didn't plan to do a perfect Nick trip without him. And I will be with his family. That's good. And I can buy him things. Lots and lots of great things. And also some things for myself...lets hope I am in need of maternity clothes come June!


  1. So, a couple of things here. First off -- I love the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area and we go every Thanksgiving. I've seriously been at least 10 times, and I never grow tired of it. Secondly, two Thanksgivings ago I was 8 months pregnant and it was snowing, and we decided to go up this little path to Laurel Falls -- not all the way or anything -- and see some more snow. (Ok, because I am from Louisiana and we get excited if we can see pieces of snow fall in front of the floodlights outside) We ended up hiking the whole way to Laurel Falls, while it was snowing, on this little path that I was afraid I would fall off of. Once we got there, I slipped and fell because of the water, and I fell HARD. Still 8 months pregnant. Friend came to help, he slid and fell too. Was afraid I would plummet off the mountain. Not good, though the hike wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Anyway, I got a great Christmas Card picture out of it, and everyone thought we took it at Sears because it was so picturesque. It was worth it.

    Whew! Oh, and check your email and/or my site. :)

  2. Clearly I will never live down the air-lifting incident. Who knew it was so hot down in that canyon or that the trail back up was so steep?? I THOUGHT I could do it. Oh well, at least it's an interesting story to tell!