Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Cookout

So, actually our Memorial Day cookout wasn't truly on Memorial Day, but whatever. Candice and Davis had everyone over last night so that we could all have a day to relax and recover today before we head back into work. Of course, I am not going to work tomorrow either, and also I wasn't drinkin, so really the cookout could have happened on a Wednesday night and I would have been cool with it...still, it isn't about me and I am sure all the drinkers will be thankful for the extra day of rest!

Anyway, the cookout was great. Tons of wonderful food, lots of good conversation. Some corn hole, some wiffle ball, some Mario Cart on the Wii, some Apples to Apples...really a perfect start to the summer! Here are some pictures of the festivities...
Here is me and the hostess of the event...chillin' on their new patio which was bad I didn't take a picture of the actual patio...
Carter was completely taken with the patio...Me and Nick
Me, Charing and Carter. No way did we let him fall right off the swing onto his head right after this picture was taken. I mean, how could that happen with one of us on each side. I most definitely didn't think he was getting down and give him a little push to assist...which lead to the head to ground contact. Absolutely not.Ryan and Arielle looking pretty adorable
The guys playing Corn Hole...
Just a boy and his bat...a shot to make his daddy proud!Boo and Charing Boo, Chris and RhiCater with his ImaEllie enjoying the nice day...we actually had a pack of wild dogs running around this little cookout...there were six in total...and they all wanted to be under our feet at all times.I am now realizing how many pictures I actually took of Carter...but I do love him! I took this one while he was sitting on my lap. I also love my camera...The wiffle ball game. My team was completely crushed, but the other team nicely called it a tie. Scott and Morgan, who are both going to play on our flag football team in the bluegrass state games..we are gonna be awesome.And finally Candice and Davis. His poor little eyes are so red from manning the grill all night. The price you pay to be a good host...
So that's it. Hope everyone else is having a great holiday weekend too!


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  2. Carter looks cute.....

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