Thursday, May 29, 2008

Itchy Itchy...

So I have...something...on my arm. It started out as this tiny little scratch. Seriously tiny. Like so tiny that most normal non-obsessive people might not even notice it. Then when I woke up on Monday something had was really really REALLY itchy. My thought was that my little cut was healing. Things itch when they heal, right? Eventually I get up and check it out. Dear god what happened to my arm. The place where the small cut was, there is how a HUGE swollen red welt. Then the place right below it had it's own equally large red welt which was also burning like fire and screaming to be scratched.

I point this out to Nick and he seems unimpressed. He says it looks infected, and for the love of god stop touching it. I try to oblige. The thing is, I CANNOT leave it alone. I catch myself scratching as soon as I forget I am not suppose to. I wake up in the night scratching. WHAT THE HELL. It then started oozing. Wow, this is really a sick post. At least I am not including pictures. It took everything in me not to take them and load them, but really, who wants to see that? I don't even want to see it and it is on my arm!

I keep thinking it will surely go away. I am on board with Nick on it just being infected, but the second bump is making me question it a little. When I got to work yesterday I showed Tarp and Justin and they decided it looked like....Poison Ivy. Here is the catch. I am not actually allergic to poison ivy. They still think it is some bad reaction to something and I need to go get something to cover that shit up quick. (I am sure they were worried about my well being here and not that it might possibly spread to them or anything)

I run to kroger and go to grab so anti-itch cream and a bandage. I am on the phone with Charing who was smart enough to tell me ask the pharmacist what I can take because of the fertility stuff. Score one for her being on top of things. The pharmacist said that he was pretty sure that it was... SPIDER BITES! Yes. Feel free to squirm in your seat now. He said he can see the puncture wounds by each welt, and that he was pretty sure that was what it was.

I cannot begin to tell you how this makes my skin crawl. A spider bite. No, no. MULTIPLE spider bites! I like to think that spiders and I don't actually live in the same world. I don't mess with them. They don't mess with me. The idea of one getting all up on me and actually taking bites out of my arm is just HORRIFYING! is my question to you. Have you all ever had a spider bite? I put everything on it the pharmacist told me to, but it is still really red and really itchy and kinda looks broken out. The size of the welts seem to be going down, but the redness is spreading. Would it be over reacting to go to the doctor? I mean, people like, lose limbs from spider bites, right? Am I over reacting because it was a SPIDER? A nasty eight legged spider crawling on me...and now I am itchy, itchy, itchy...I'm not over reacting, right? RIGHT??


  1. ok ok, don't panic. ;) you'll be fine as soon as you stop touching it.

    my daughter comes home with spider bites from the playgroung all the time and it is darn hard to get her to stop scratching too.

    if it gets worse though... i would totally go get it checked out.

    if i were you, i would look for that sucker in your room. just in case...

    good luck!

  2. Sorry, If I new you went home on your lunchbreak to post on your blog I would have stopped by to say Hi

  3. You are not overreacting - go to the doctor.

  4. brown recluse bite. U need antibiotics. You must go to a doc. The fiddleback has neurotoxins in its venom. It really plays havoc on human skin. If the red mark has an eruption that looks like a volcano, then you definitely have been bitten by a bad, bad spider. See the doctor now!

  5. I have a scar on my leg from a spider bite I got like 2-3 years ago! The damn thing just continually itched and refused to heal up and go away. Go to the doctor!