Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So it is midnight and I am seriously WIDE AWAKE. I guess that is what I get for spending the entire day on the couch napping and watching hours and hours of TV...not that I am complaining or anything. Honestly it was a pretty good day! Nick and I had our appointments for the IUI, which seemed to go just fine. Just like the last two times, but this time I was in room #2 instead of room #1...that's all I got. Maybe the difference will be enough to change our luck around! I was also smart enough this time to bring my ipod so after the actually did the transfer and then left me in the room to lay still, I had some music to listen to...right around the time I am done with all this fertility stuff I will have a really good system worked out!

Nick ended up taking the day off work too. We have been doing a little (big) bathroom remodeling project. I will get some pics up for you all soon. We are actually working on the bathroom we already have, not the addition. This work included pulling up all the flooring down to the sub floor and replacing all the wood, then the actual floor. While we were at it we went ahead and bought a new vanity and sink. Now we just need to change the mirror, patch the wall and paint. It already looks really amazing in there. Unfortunately for me in order to do all this work the bathroom was out of commission for most of the day Saturday and half the day Sunday. It is our only bathroom...and my bladder doesn't take well to being told it CAN'T do what it wants...really it was more that my mind kept telling me how thirsty I was...but I knew better. I made it through the day with only two trips to alternate bathroom locations. All in all a successful renovation!

Anyway, Nick stayed home to finish up the bathroom and I stayed home and did a bunch of nothing. I watch the Grey's finale (which I enjoyed, but did cry during), two episodes of Top Chef, three episodes of season one of Lost (LOVE that show) and then took a three hour nap. I did manage to pull myself together long enough to made a good dinner, and then went right back to the couch to watch a movie with Nick. All in all it made for a good implantation day! Now I guess I should try to get some sleep...


  1. I'm praying that it takes this time!!!

    I am afraid at the way they left Grey's Anatomy that something is going to happen to Derek before he can get back.

  2. oh, totally enjoy this time of doing nothing! bummer that i miss the ending of that season finale... what happened???

    btw, can nick come to my house and fix my bathroom too? ;)

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