Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dreams and Nightmares

I am going to just jump right over the part where I tell you all that "I hate when people talk about their dreams but...". I mean, I believe this is my third post on the subject, so clearly I may hate when other people tell me about their dreams, but I still want to be free to tell all of you about mine. If this seems like a double standard, well...okay, it totally is. From now on I will not bitch and moan when people dive into long dream stories. I will accept that sometimes people need to tell someone...and my someone is all of you...

The last three nights I have had some seriously messed up dreams. (before I go any farther, I do know that odd dreams and extreme tiredness are signs of pregnancy, but I am not really thinking they start at week three...) Three nights ago Nick woke me up and I was clearly in a panic. He said I was screaming "THEY'RE COMING IN THE ROOM!! THEY'RE COMING IN THE ROOM!!" It took him a minute to calm me down, because I was completely confused. I don't really have any memories of the actual dream, but I do of the terror that followed. This was not one of my weird waking dreams (thank God) but it was still very frightening.

Two nights ago Nick again woke me up. This time he said I was saying "Yes....Okay....Right....Right....Okay...Yes..." In a hurried, worried voice. This one I remember a little more. I was having a weird dream that we were being invaded and I was fighting. I guess I was taking some sort of orders. When I woke up I was filled with this wild anxiety. Very odd.

Then, last night I had this dream...okay this one wasn't so much a nightmare. It was just kinda odd. I was dreaming that I was at some house, and this lady was playing the pink and purple bagpipes. Apparently I looked like shit because my little sister kept saying "You need to go take a shower NOW!!". I said I was way to tired, and I kept drifting in and out of asleep during the bagpipe show. When I fell asleep, I slipped into a totally different dream. Then Missy would wake me up in dream number was all sorts of Cheshire Cat's and rabbit holes. Who says they are tired in their dream and goes to sleep only to start another dream??

Okay, that is it. Sorry to just post a random story of dreams, but honestly I rarely remember my dreams, so these last three nights have been really weird. Just wanted to share. Thanks for letting me get it out there...

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  1. At least the bagpipes were pink and purple -- I mean, that's kinda cool.