Friday, May 16, 2008

American Idol Delema

I have this deep love for American Idol. I know that I should not be ashamed, the show is clearly very popular, so I know I am not alone...but still, for some reason this love seems a little embarrassing to me. Maybe it is because I was not a fan for so long. I didn't judge all you fan's out there, I just was never into it at all. I would watch the auditions because they made me and Nick laugh, but then we were done. This year was different. I cannot tell you why, but me and Nick both were totally hooked from the start. Missy is also a huge fan, so the three of us have enjoyed our weekly Idol fix.

Now, here is the thing. Did you know they have an American Idol tour? I had no idea. So this means the top ten contestants, all of whom I love (especially David Cook whom I will be voting for nonstop next Tuesday), will be traveling the nation putting on their show. And their show is coming to my home town. Like five minutes from my house...AND I REALLY WANT TO GO! I just don't know if I can allow myself to go from a new avid couch fan to actually joining the mass of AI enthusiasts who would actually pay $68 to see the show (they actually have upper arena tickets for less, but if I was to go, I wouldn't want to be that far away. no point in going if you can't actually see anything...). I mean, what do they even sing? Do they take turns, or do they all sing together? Is the concert full of only 13 year old David Archuletta fans? How do I know??

To make matters worse, my friend at work just bought tickets. She is so excited, and I know I will be so jealous when the concert comes around and she heads off to see all my favorite little Idols....but still...$68. Really more like $75 when you get all the tax and fees worked in. We are super tight on money right now what with vacation coming (god only knows how much gas alone will cost us) and the very likely IVF approaching, I just don't think I can do it. I didn't really mean to talk myself out of going while writing the post...but oh well. I will be so jealous when they come to town...

**also, not sure why I would be embarrassed to tell you I like the most popular show on TV, when I have already told you of our love of Futurama and the X-files...those two gotta be a little more nerdy that being an American Idol fan...**

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  1. If you love Idol that much then you should go---------it will not put a dent in your other plans