Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby Shower #2!

Man, I have been posting a lot of pictures lately....I am usually way to lazy for for all that picture loading and instead choose to entertain you all with my sweet sweet words. I guess that it shows how I am really breaking out of my winter hibernation that I have any pictures at all....
Anyway, this post is about my sisters second shower! My parents live in a small town about an hour from where we live. We have lots of family there including all of my grandparents. My sisters husband has family in another small town which is about 45 minutes from my parents, and an hour and a half from us. Because of this, my perfect little mom decided to throw a shower for all the out of town family at their farm. It was wonderful! There were tons of people there (not that you can tell that at all from my pictures...oops) and she had amazing food! All in all it was a perfect baby shower for our little Avery! Here are a couple of pic's.Here is my mom with all three of us. This (amazingly) is the only picture I am in. Shocking, seeing as how I love to be photographed...
And Boo with her mom-in-law and sister-in-law
Missy playing the "What's in this bag" game. She did way better than me...
My cousin Liz, my aunt Mrs. Who, and my perfect godson Wesley (who is hiding that full arm cast that he got when he CUT OFF the tip of his precious little finger. For that story check out Liz's blog...)
My cousin Ariel, my Aunt Donna and her grand baby Emily...can you tell we are a family of bloggers yet?

And finally, the mama-to-be and her mama!


  1. The shower was PERFECT! Thank you everyone!

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog!

    these pictures are great they they show then generations of women in the family.

    and is that an ariel blanket? i think my daughter has that same one!

    will be 'stalking' your blog soon!

  3. ok... can we say... typos in my last comment?

    so here's that paragraph over again...

    "these pictures are great that they show the generations of women in the family."