Thursday, May 29, 2008


So I went to the doctor. Your comments helped to justify me making the appointment, but the real push was this terrible, terrible video my cousin Liz sent me of an infected spider bite. It was awful. It will give me nightmares. It was so horrifying that I am not even linking to it, but if you want to be sick, go to youtube and do a search for spider bites. You will never forget it...

Anyway, the doc said that it looked really bad. He said he couldn't say for sure that it was a spider, but something bit me and I am clearly having a bad reaction to it. He also said it was infected and so I am now on Zyrtec for the reaction and an antibiotic for the infection. he said if it doesn't get better soon, to come back because spider bites (or I guess other insect bites...) can be really serious and this was a nasty one. He most definitely did not make fun of me for coming to the doctor or over reacting, so that's good!

As soon as I saw the look on his face I was really glad I went to the doctor. I am also glad I already had my antibiotics before I got my last comment! If I had still been hesitating to go, that one would have talked me in to it for sure! Thanks for all your advice. I am sure I will be better in no time!


  1. Spider bites are not something to take lightly. You did the right thing. Make sure you take all the antibiotics.

  2. so glad you went!!! am i totally gross to ask you for a pic of your infected arm??


    anyway, stay on the meds and get better soon!