Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sleep Study

Well, Nick had a physical yesterday. This doesn't really seem like big news until I mention that Nick has not actually seen a doctor in about twelve years. He has been to the ER a couple of times for big things, and to the urgent treatment center for small things, but he has not had his own primary care physician since his pediatrician. Maybe it is because I am a girl, and I have always at least had my annual....maybe it is because my mom works at my pediatricians office so there was never an option of just not having a doctor or getting a check up, but whatever the reason, this has just amazed he for years. I have been trying to get him to a doctor, but he just doesn't want to mess with it.

Finally he decided it was time when he found out that both his father and brother had recently been to the doctor, and both been given sleep studies. They both found out they had sleep apnea. Nick has always had a very hard time getting real rest at night. He constantly wakes up and tosses and turns. He figured there was a good chance he also had the old apnea, so he got himself (I got him) and PCP.

His physical appointment was yesterday morning (he was not a fan of the fasting part of the blood work) and everything looked good. They gave him an EKG, which I thought was kinda crazy, but whatever. They then scheduled him for a sleep study for last night! They got right on it....Anyway, he had to be there at 8:30 last night. We go to bed around midnight, so I really thought it would be tough for him, but they let him lay there and watch TV until eleven. Then I guess it was lights out and sleep time. He said he was covered in sensors and that it was uncomfortable, but he was able to fall asleep in about half an hour.

They woke him up at six am and told him that he most definitely has sleep apnea. Now he gets a really cool Darth Vader type mask to sleep in every night. I am sure it is extremely sexy....he has to go back and do the study again with the mask on so they can figure out his settings and then he will be good to go. I am just so excited for him to actually get a good nights sleep. His brother and dad say that it has completely changed their lives. Chris actually said that he goes to bed around midnight and for the first month he would wake up at like four thirty feeling more rested than he ever has before...totally worth the Darth Vader mask!


  1. Good luck with the noise of the Darth Vadar Mask. Go ahead an make an appointment for yourself for sleeping pills

  2. That sounds so cool with a Darth Vader mask.

    Having said that, my friend has a sleeping disorder too. He tried to sleep early at nights before 11pm, but the bad part is... he would automatically wake up by 4 or 5am. And he would get really tired by working time.

    In fact, I was told by my elders that a glass of hot milk before you sleep would help to ease the stress and end up sleeping soundly....

  3. Does Nick snore? I think Tom has sleep apnea too; in fact he was supposed to go to a sleep study and never did. I wish he would!! If you are used to a fan, I don't think the noise of the mask will bother you - that's what I have heard. Keep me updated. I'm really interested.

  4. what does this mask do? i have a hard time sleeping also... this post totally reminded me to bring that up next time at my checkup.

    good luck to him and update us on the outcome of that mask!

    *heavy breathing*
    "luke, i am your father..."

    Ok... sorry, can't help myself. :)