Saturday, May 17, 2008

Skip That

So...basically just completely ignore that entire American Idol post, because I have totally flipped sides and am now going to the concert! I really was serious when I said I shouldn't spend the money right now. Nick and I have been having that good old "save money" conversation a lot lately, and even thought I know he wouldn't really care if I told him I REALLY wanted to go, I just couldn't. It was such a clear extra in the budget and I really am okay to not get EVERYTHING I want....

So how am I going, you ask? Well...I told Boo and Missy that I was going to have to sit this one out and Boo just wasn't having it. I told her I was fine with it...for them to go without me, but she went ahead a bought me a ticket anyway! She is a wonderful big sister who hates for me to miss things...but I SWEAR that was not the point of the post! I really was fine with missing it...but I am no SO EXCITED that I get to go. Thanks Boo!

In completely unrelated news, I am back on the Clomid. Today is day three of the five day cycle, so I am half way done. I wonder if I will be on Clomid during the IVF? I actually find myself thinking a lot about the IVF cycle. I do still have a small bit of hope for this last IUI cycle, but I guess I just don't have any faith in it for us anymore. I don't think it is a bad place to be. It is really where the doc told us to be from the beginning. It just took me a couple of really tries to realize that he knows what he is talking about. He had little hope in IUI, but he did have lots and lots of faith in IVF. We are now on the same track, and excited to start the step that the doc thinks might actually give us a baby!

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