Friday, May 23, 2008

Emotional TV

Have you all been watching TV lately? I swear every show I watch has been reducing me to tears. Come to think if it, it might have something to do with all the hormones I am on....hmm... I actually hadn't thought of that until just now...but whatever. We will just ignore the hormones as a possible cause of the tears and completely give credit to the writers. Now, if you are a DVR addict like myself and you may not have totally caught up on your shows, just skip over your show...I will Bold the title so you wont accidentally read some huge spoiler...

House-Did you see that season finale?? I wasn't even a fan of Amber. Seriously, I haven't been watching the show long and she was kinda bitchy. If her and Wilson had broken up I would never have thought twice about her...but the heart ache....them laying in the hospital bed, both knowing she was going to die...good lord.

Grey's Anatomy-I haven't actually watched the finale from last night, so this post will be about last weeks episode. OH MY GOD. The girl with the brain tumor who thought she had a boyfriend but then they convinced her she made him up because of the tumor and she was SOBBING and then they take her into surgery and the boyfriend turns out to be real and shows up, but it's to late and she DIED! Seriously people, I was a puddle of tears on the couch. The boyfriend was crying...her last thought was that he wasn't real, and HE WAS! heartache.

American Idol-I just love David Cook and I maybe cried a little out of joy when he won...but really just a little teary eyed...not rolling tears or anything. That would be weird. No way did that happen. Never mind...skip American Idol all together....

Brother's and Sisters-Okay, maybe the fertility stuff just hit a little close to home on this one, but I could really understand the pain...and then the love at the brothers wedding...and the fact that the boyfriend's parents wouldn't come, but then the dad sent the cuff links...*sob*

Lost-Why would Claire leave her baby?? WHY?? Why did they kill Charlie? Why can't Jack and Kate be happy? I am almost scared to watch the season finale next week because you know people are going to die...people like Jin who will never know his daughter! WHY??

The Office-Jim just wanted to propose to Pam. It broke my heart to see his sweet little heart broken when Andy stole his moment...bastard.

30 Rock-Lemon thought she was pregnant, and even though she was single and she was overwhelmed she was so excited. She totally embraced it....and then she found out it was a false positive due to eating to many cheese puffs...just horrible....

Okay, that's all I can really think of now. This might not be my best really shines a light on how much I watch TV, and even more on how I might kinda feel like the TV characters are real people...hmm...yep, I am sure it's all the hormones...


  1. Ohmigosh I didn't see any of these, but now I wish I had. Great write ups. I found you on BlogExplosion.

  2. Sarah, I probably watch more TV than you do. I am seriously addicted to my DVR. It would horrify many people to know just how much TV means to me. Chances are I am watching TV or reading a book whenever I am not at work. (which might have something to do with my single state, huh? hee hee hee....)I refuse to believe my precious TV is bad for me!!! REFUSE! :D

    I just watched the Grey's finale tonight.(write me and let me know how you like it - I refuse to be a spoiler!) And you are 100% correct about last week. I cried buckets over it and I am NOT taking any hormones.

    I have more to say about LOST than can be entered on your blog... I was also angry that Andy stole Jim's thunder on The Office, and the 30 Rock pregnancy scare was disappointing and sad, too. 30 Rock is sooo hilarious.

    TV and DVR lovers unite!!!

  3. I need to watch the Greys finale with you believe it or not I only watvhed the last half hour