Wednesday, April 2, 2008

100 Things

It's true. I am caving under the pressure and doing a 100-things-about-me post. I should throw credit for the mess that is this post to Whitney, who talked me into it, and Mandy, who inspired me with her 100 things on her myspace page (your one about how you ended each prayer in your prayer journal with "and please lord give me a boyfriend..." oh the joy it gives me...). And now to the 100....

1. I am 28 years old.

2. Nick is 27 (as of the 31st).

3. I am actually a year and a half older than him, but he insists on saying that I am two years older from October to March.

4. For this reason I insisted that we get married between March and October when we are only one year apart.

5. I would like to also set this rule for when our children are born, but I am not sure if it is possible...

6. I have always thought the idea of playing an instrument would be cool.

7. I decided in order to achieve this goal I would take up the clarinet in elementary school.

8. Playing the clarinet is not cool.

9. In order to increase the cool factor, I took up the BASS clarinet in middle school.

10. The base clarinet is much more nerdy than the old fashion clarinet. Positively not cooler.

11. I had a fake ID when I was 19.

12. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

13. I only tried to use it one time.

14. When I gave the ID to the clerk, he laughed and said "It's gotta be a picture of you dear..."

15. I was to scared to ever use it again, but I kept it with me just to prove I was cool enough to have one...

16. My little sister folded me up in a hide-a-bed when I was in the 6th grade.

17. She couldn't get me out and we had to call 911.

18. We told everyone that that the couch just folded up and ate me.

19. They were so sure I was all mutilated inside there, but when they opened it I was laying there horizontally with my arms and legs crossed...the gig was up.

20. I started a new school when I was in the second grade.

21. On my first day we were sitting working away...and I accidentally farted.

22. I knew that this was bad. I was the new kid...I would never live it down. I made the decision in a flash...I spun around and said "Ewww Kevin...GROSS!!". Kevin swore it wasn't him, but nobody believed him.

23. Socially, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Boys can totally get away with farting...

24. I was in a gymnastics glass when I was little.

25. At the big end of the year performance my parents sat in amusement as all the other kids did cart wheels....and boo and I were forced to do somersaults (yes I looked it up and that is how you spell it...would have guessed summer saults myself...).

26. We were not in gymnastics the next year.

27. I am left handed

28. I went to several week long, over-night summer camps when I was little.

29. At one camp I actually learned to shoot a bow and arrow. I was excellent at it.

30. I still tell people that I am very good at archery, even though I have not held a bow since I left that camp in the sixth grade.

31. I am the middle child.

32. I have never struggled with "middle child syndrome" as far as I can tell...

33. I currently live in the house my parents owned when I was in kindergarten to second grade.

34. I bought the house from my great uncle when I was a semester away from graduating college.

35. I somehow convinced the bank to give me a loan even though I was totally unemployed at the time.

36. My eye's are a very golden brown.

37. They have been known to look very green when I wear the color.

38. Due to this fact, when I was in second grade and we were making a chart of eye color, I said mine were Hazel.

39. My teacher called me a liar and told me to stop trying to make my eyes more exciting and to put my mark under brown.

40. I have never said I have hazel eyes since.

41. I haven't noticed them looking green in years, and think maybe I was just trying to make them more exciting

42. When I was in the 9th grade I had a vast sticker collection that covered the inside of my locker.

43. In hindsight, I find this age much to old for any form of a sticker collection.

44. I did not get a job until I was nearly 18.

45. When I finally broke down, I started working at a coffee shop here in town.

46. I worked there for four years.

47. Nick and I met while working there.

48. Nick and I have been together for nearly nine years.

49. I am completely and utterly tone deaf.

50. I was in a church choir for three years while in high school, even though I cannot sing (but we danced too, and went on tour to places like you see why I wanted to be in it).

51. At one point in a practice someone was off key (me), so the director went down the row to find out who it was.

52. When he got to me, I burst into tears so I would not have to sing alone.

53. In middle school I tried out for the basketball team.

54. I had no idea how to play basketball.

55. I remember trying to hold on to the girls jersey that I was "guarding" so she wouldn't run down the court so damn fast, and the coach was like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??"

56. I did not make the team.

57. I did manage to make the middle school track team.

58. I went to the county championship in the triple jump (I lost) and I came in first in the mile run during a race.

59. I feel that this small amount of athleticism (that did not continue in high school) allows me to join in when people reminisce about their athletic days.

60. When I speak of my track experience, I rarely mention that it was only in the 7th and 8th grade.

70. My teeth were seriously messed up when I was little.

71. I had this full head gear when I was in second grade (and had it until 5th) that I thought was so cool that I wanted to wear it to school to show it off.

72. I only had to wear it at night.

73. I remember the look of shock on my teachers face when I walked in wearing it.

74. I ended up in braces and had them until high school.

75. My teeth are currently not straight now due to me not being able to ever wear my retainer.

76. The dentist keeps telling me I need to get them back on.

77. I have a deep love of school and learning.

78. In the ninth grade I tried out for a play and got a small roll.

79. This led to me being positive I was going to be famous and move to New York City to pursue my acting after graduation.

80. I had one line in the play and my character was called "witches helper".

81. I am one of those people who says "I love all types of music", but with me it is totally true.

82. I have seen Aerosmith, Bush, REM, Tom Petty (2X), Ben Fold's Five, Garth Brooks (2X), Dixie Chicks (2X), DC Talk, Audio Adrenalin, Counting Crows, Nickel Creek, and many more in concert

83. When I went to see the Counting Crows we ended up breaking down about 100 miles away from the show.

84. We had free towing for up to 100 miles, so we just had the car towed to the concert, which was 4 hours from our home town.

85. We had to stay the night, but there was the little league world series in town, so we couldn't find a room.

86. Finally we found a place that had one room with one king bed, which is where all three of us slept. The concert waas totally worth it.

87. As dorky as I sound in the 100 things, I actually have always had many very wonderful friends.

88. I was always that kinda quirky funny girl...but I didn't know it at the time.

89. When I was in the sixth grade I had a huge project to make and I said I was building a fort.

90. Each day the teacher asked how my fort was coming and I just RAVED about it....but I had not started.

91. On the day it was due, I told the teacher that my dog ate it.

92. She did not buy it, and called my mom.

93. I am a pack rat.

94. When cleaning out my boxes of "keeper" stuff that I had so carefully boxed away all during my childhood, I found things such as empty perfume boxes that I thought were pretty, pieces of blank paper I just couldn't part with, happy meal toys, rubber bands, dried up was ridiculous.

95. If it wasn't for Boo and Nick I would still be terrible about this.

96. My entire life my family has vacationed in Pensacola Florida.

97. I have been many other places, but Pensacola still feels like the perfect vacationing spot.

98. I HATE Bananas. Never sneak them into something, or I will know...and then I will never trust you again.

99. I have a deep desire to see the Arora Borealis in Alaska, so it is on our lifetime to do list to take a cruise there.

100. I have a tendency to cut corners, so you will notice that in this 100 things, I broke nearly each entry into between two and five numbers on the list...I stretch it for all it's worth!!

And that is 100, maybe it was because of the stretching, but it wasn't as hard as I was expecting!...enjoy, and you should all give it a try as well!!


  1. Let's clarify it OK... the clarinet IS cool..maybe not who holds it..I was cool with the clarinet you lok more like a flag or rifle kinda girl:-)

  2. Ok, I had to go to MY Blog so I could link to your blog so I could read the list again so I could have it open the same time as the comment page so I could comment on it. God. Do I love you or what. But I did have some comments. Of course.

    1. Blaming the fart on the boy was genius. Genius. Your social standing would definitely have suffered.

    2. I am TOTALLY GOOD at archery too. At least I was when I went on the overnight trip with the fourth graders like 10 years ago.

    3. Your teacher is a bitch. Your eyes are hazel sometimes. Although I have always thought they were golden brown.

    4. I can't sing either but I was in the choir in high school because I loved it so much. I still can't sing but I persist in singing anyway.

    5. In college, I tried out for the sorority basketball team. I thought it would be so cool. I thought you just had to kinda run back and forth. I knew none of the rules. I wasn't on the team very long.

    6. I also hate bananas. But I like banana bread. But never give me a real banana. I would die.

    7. We are definitely in the same family.

  3. The BEST BEST BEST one was how you wanted to wear your headgear to school. I sooo wish I could have seen the look on your teacher's face when you walked in. You are hilarious! This made me laugh so many times. Thanks for making my morning fUnny ;)

  4. You make me laugh out loud! More of a cackle really. Chris asked me what I was reading that could possibly be that was you!

  5. This is such a clever post! I couldn't begin to think of 100 things but the way you have done it - pimps!

  6. Wow - this is impressive. I'd struggle with 100 things, let alone strung together the way you have. Fantastic!

  7. Number 4 cracked me up, that is exactly the kind of thing I would do. Go you :D Laughed at your fort thing too, well done spreading it over a few points!! Jen

  8. Ooo some interesting things there! I remember doing these sorts of things on myspace! How the times change :D

  9. I agree with the Wows - well done on finding the 100 I don't think I could.

    I'm over from Blog Gems.

  10. enjoyed this just as much the second time around and actually, having looked back at my own 7 things and remembering how freaked I was trying to think of them I am now very in awe of you for coming up with 100! Thanks for joining in Blog Gems. Jen

  11. lefthandedmiddlechild@gmail.comOctober 9, 2011 at 6:09 PM

    I'm left handed and the middle child too!