Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dear Santa,

"Please bring me a Batman game and Candy. Love, Henry"

Santa has totally got this!

(in can you can't tell, this letter is traced.  He's good, but he is only three :) Still, that is some impressive three year old letter tracing!)

**And still, my heart aches for Newtown, CT.   I feel like every move I make this week reminds me of families that will not have the chance to do these same Christmas traditions.  Last night I couldn't stop crying for the sister of the teacher.  Because I see myself, my sister, my family, in that photo.  Everyday I cry for the parents, the children, and for the horror of it all. Because it could have been any of us.  And because it's Christmas.  And man... I just need to say, I am still struggling with it.  Hundreds of miles away, I am still crying with Newtown.


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